Parallelogram Scarf: Changing Colours

I’ve started the parallelogram scarf. I think I’m following the instructions for changing colours - no gaping holes. However, I’d like to know if the carried yarn should be quite so visible on the wrong side of the work. The yarn trails about 1/2 inch for each change.
Otherwise, I’m loving the pattern. Many thanks

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Yes, the edge float is visible. Here is a photo of mine in progress from the reverse side:


Thank you so much for your help. Your floats look so neat. After I posted here, I discovered Ann Bolin’s post which outlines a method to make the floats shorter.
It’s great to have a place to ask questions & have them answered by experienced knitters.

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Yes, you’ll get a little scalloped effect but if done neatly it will felt itself into the edge. My first couple tries didn’t look fantastic but once settled down the scarf edge looked good and this Friea non ply yarn blooms when wet blocked.

Thanks Tangoginny. I’m improving as I progress!

Good for you. The floats don’t catch on anything as you wear the scarf, either.