Parallelogram Scarf: diagonal-purl-design changed direction

Everything was going fine, then about 4 inches into the scarf, it appears the diagonal-raised-purls switched directions. I have frogged twice back to where the reversal started. I count the stitches, I am careful to keep the K2P2 pattern, but the problem repeats for me.

What should I do when I frog the third time? Is there something to check for that would make this work?

Thank you!


Does it happen for the full length. Then I’m guessing a missed increase or decrease. My problem usually happened mid-row so as long as I was good at checking before Turin just was a lot of thinking back on 1 row. It feels like it should be mindless knitting but I found that I did have to pay attention. Good luck.

Yes it happened for the entire row.
I just took out all the rows past the point where it went wrong and now it is working. I just messed it up originally and your comment reminded me that I needed to sit by a lamp and really pay attention!
And now it is beautiful again… going the right direction.


This change of direction thing happened to me as well. I was just checking here to see if I could find an answer. This statement confuses me: “You will not always be able to work a complete sequence before the end of the row. In the case of a partial sequence, continue to work the leftover stitches in pattern to end”. I think this means work until 1 stitch left for the increase side and work until 3 stitches left on the decrease side.

And if I’m reading your discussion correctly, I missed an increase or decrease and that is why my bumps have made a turn.

Darned covid cocktails have me not paying enough attention!

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Hi ! I wrote the original question. I continue to make the mistake of doing a K4 or a P3 or a P1 instead of the K2 and P2, and then I notice later and rip it back to the point of the error. And then I do it correctly until I make a mistake again. And it is the low evening lights and big glasses of wine that are my excuse. I am now in the rhythm of checking for mistakes, taking it out if I went wrong, redoing.
I think that the ‘complete sequence’ meant that there is not always a K2P2, but there is always a K2 or a P2 as a partial sequence before the increase or decrease at the end of the row.

Best of luck on the scarf!


It is either a missed increase or decrease OR you messed up the rib at some point (I did that more often than the other). I’d have to look back for your original post.