Petula Pullover/ Isabell Kraemer

Any advice on the p1 ( faux seam stitch) directions? I’ve never done this before and am not sure what to do? Thanks for any help or advice!! L

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I did not knit Petula, but have knit the faux seam on other sweaters. It is essentially a column of purl stitches, easy easy, that makes it look like you sewed a seam.


It is just a purl stitch. The body will have two markers, one for the beginning of the round (which is also a side seam) and a 2nd one half at the half way mark for the other side seam. You just purl the one stitch after the marker every round. Every thing else is stockinette.


I did knit Petula and it is one of my most favorite sweaters. I loved having a single purl stitch at each underarm in a sea of stockinette stitch. When I got to one of the faux seam stitches I knew I was half way around. I also liked the look of it when finished. A very subtle detail.

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