Pick Up & K from Left side

I am working on a pullover. You create a front & back placket. Then, on the front placket (looking at it) you pick up & knit from the cast on (bottom edge) to the top, add stitches, then pickup on the back placket. I am right handed…unfortunately, very right handed. When I try to pick up and knit, it is like going backwards from all directions & I can’t figure it out. I’m tempted to work it top to bottom, but that seems like defeating the purpose of combining & learning new skills: the very reason I selected this pattern. Can someone help?

When I (also v right-handed) pick up and knit, I work, with the public side of the fabric facing me, from the right to the left. Every time.
I am wondering if the pattern is telling you to pick up a loop for the stitches from left to right - then to be knitted into from right to left?

Hi, Thank you for the prompt response. Yes, the intent is left to right (going up the left side of the front placket. The instructions are “With RS facing, circular needle…beg at cast-on edge of front placket, pick up and K…along front placket, with same yarn cast on 20 sts using backwards loop method, then being careful not to leave gaps, cont with same yarn to pick up and k … along back placket”. I understand the concept, but I haven’t figured out how to pick up left to right…which is backwards to every instruction I can find.
I reached out to the pattern designer & have not heard back…

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What hand are you holding the yarn in when picking up stitches? And do you hold the edge along which you are picking up vertically or horizontally? I hold the yarn in the left hand with the edge on which I pick up held vertically, so picking up from left to right vs right to left only differs in wether I hold the work in the left hand or the right.

(I learned to knit continental, and this is still my preferred way, so holding the yarn in the left hand came naturally. But even if you knit English style, it might make sense to switch the yarn to the left hand when picking up stitches …)

What’s the pattern?