Pompom Problems

Every pompom I’ve ever made eventually falls apart. More quickly on a hat for a rambunctious nephew. They’ve lasted longer on my personal hats. I use a pompom maker and try to tie the center as tight as possible. Any advice, tips or tricks would be appreciated! I don’t want to abandon pompoms☹️

What brand of pom pom maker do you use?

I have started fastening my centers with dental floss first - that stuff will never untie. Then with the matching yarn. I love the Clover brand makers. They load full-ly and easily and they make that satisfying click when the tie settles in to cinch the yarns together. I do hope that you have better luck with your next pompom. :boom:


Dental floss! That’s brilliant!


I use Clover brand pompom makers.

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Thanks I will try that!