Pressed Flowers Shawl

Hello community
All along I’ve been a voyeur never a poster until today. The bind off in the Pressed Flowers Shawl is so maddening. Did anyone use a substitute bind off? Thanks for any responses.


I admit to being a HUGE fan of the sewn bind off, but any non-tight bind off should be perfect here.
Congratulations on finishing your shawl!


My Pressed Flowers was rectangular so I didn’t really follow the pattern. But it’s not a pattern you need to stretch to block, like lace, so I don’t see why a regular bind off wouldn’t be fine. Maybe on a needle one size bigger if you are worried about it being tight. Isn’t it a fun pattern? I was actually just thinking the other day I might do a second one once Xmas knitting is over.

I’m just in the last border of flowers, so my bind off is in the future…I’ll set it aside for a time when I can focus. Thanks for asking the question in advance for me!


Very Pink Knits has a video on a stretchy bind off that is easy to do. You can google it


I finished my Pressed Flowers shawl last week - even the bind off which took so long but is pretty great. Felted tweed in Stone and Boulder I believe - the yarn was a gift from my family - I love it! So light weight yet very warm, soft, and with a great drape.


Gorgeous! Love the colors

It’s beautiful! Isn’t that a fun pattern?