Raiz Colors for Jane Jacobs?

I love the way Kirsten Kapur’s Jane Jacobs looks in her colors.

Wondering which Raiz colors would be similar look?
Pattern is here in MDK as well as on Rav.

My deepest apologies for no links, I can’t manage them because I’m having a flare of a chronic illness, meaning NOT covid-19 but very debilitating.

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Ravelry link for others:

The colors look to me like a gold, a deep blue/blue-green, and a light gray/gray-blue.

I love Raiz but I don’t think you’d find 3 perfect matches for those colors in what MDK currently stocks. Spices is more golden-brown than golden-yellow, but it does look beautiful with either Sherlock or Constellation (I have these 3 colors myself)

There are some pictures of trios Raiz’ dyer Amor initially laid out, including Constellation, Spices, and Morning Fog which may be your closest option:

It’s a lovely pattern— I see why you like it!

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Me too. Thanks, I’m inspired. Now to hunt for just the right colors.