Reflective Tartan

Did Ann or Kay - years ago - post about a UK company that make tartan with reflective threads? If so, it was prior to this new format…back in the old blog days.

I’ve tried searching for the info but can’t find it.

Can anyone help?

I remember this too - it was a wonderful Scottish weaving company but the name is gone from my head. I will trawl thru old bookmarks and see what I can find. I remember they made a glorious range of tartan and I wanted it all very badly!

me, too! My fingers are crossed you can find it! I can’t. :frowning:

It’s Dashing Tweeds!

Very fond memories of meeting Guy Hills with Belinda back in 2010 or so.


ah, that IS it! Fantastic!

thank you so much!

Hooray!! Thank you, Kay!! :slight_smile: