Rose City Yarn Crawl 2019

Any one going to the RCYC in Portland, OR? Starts soon, March 7-10!! (Not as much fun as the Pub Crawl I did some 40+ years ago, but more my speed now😊)


I was thinking of going. I live 3 hours away, but the drive would be worth it just to go to all the lovely shops there!


I’m about an hour & a half from downtown Portland; I’m not going to try to get to all 10!! I definitely want to get to one in Beaverton (For Yarns Sake) and the one in Forest Grove (Knotty Lamb). And I might try getting to some on the eastside!

I hope I can! I live in close-in SE PDX, and I’ve had a stroke, so driving is right out.

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I hope you can too Lynn!! There’s the MAX and Tri-Met

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Yes! It is not to be missed.

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Always fun! I’m having a trunk show on Thursday at For Yarn’s Sake with Lorajean Kelley of Knitted Wit, and fellow designers Shannon Squire and Debbie Stone. Come say hi!


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Yay!! I saw you’re scheduled @ For Yarn’s Sake and I really want to talk to Lorajean about one of her colors in worsted weight. I need another!! So I’ll be there on the 7th😉

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Yay! Say hi and let me know who you are in real life!

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Will do Michele👍