Sasha Kagan, anyone?

Anyone got a treasured Sasha Kagan in their cupboard?


Really? No one? I knitted these for a friend along while back and discovered recently that she still has them in her cupboard after several house moves.



Sasha’s designs are beautiful! I’ve never knit one, probably somewhat intimidated, but she has beautiful brioche and fair isle designs that I’ve vowed to make “one day.” Thanks for the reminder…maybe my day for Sasha is here!

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They are beautiful…well done!

I wish I did, but I don’t! So cool that your friend kept them. There’s a super-cute picture of Sasha and pals back in the day, in this piece by Karin Strom:

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Great picture. You’ll notice that Sacha is wearing a dark version of the Pansies pattern, as above, and the chap on her left a jumper in Ribbons, as above.

Sasha commented on that photo (follow Kay’s link) and said, “The fellow on the left is my X husband O’Hara Burne wearing a “Ribbons” sweater, we set up Sasha Kagan Knitwear together and this pic was taken when Kaffe gave his first talk in Wales for the Montgomery Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.” Fun to read the backstory (and what great names they all have).

Yes, I have. I attended a trunk show and an afternoon class with Sasha Kagan over 20 years ago. She was an inspiring and encouraging teacher. I have her books and love her detailed photos and gridded patterns.

I persuaded her to sell me one of her samples (she was near the end of her tour). It is a DK shawl-collar double breasted jacket in the Rose hip pattern (in Sasha Kagan’s Country Inspiration: Knitwear for all Seasons but not on Ravelry). I still love it. It cost $300 Canadian I think, and I justified this to myself because I knew I could never finish a large intarsia project! I have repaired a couple of small holes (that Rowan tweed!) and it’s in great shape still.