Selbu mittens - help with thumb gore!

Hi Knitters,
I need advice/help with the thumb gore of some Selbu mittens. First ones. I just don’t understand about increasing evenly across the “hand” part (not cuff) and then increasing for the thumb gore. Where do the thumb gore increases go??? I’ve knit many pair of regular mittens before… Thanks in advance.

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I am struggling with the same problem. I am making the Marie Curie Mittens from Ravelry and that thumb is holding my progress up I’ve read and looked at videos but none have been clear enough. I would think a simple video would be great but I haven’t found one on YouTube or anywhere, Hopefully, my reply to you will get the discussion going again,

I think that you should have a section that increases from above the ribbing - the pattern I am working on increases from 1 stitch to 13 over 15 rounds.
At that point, I will hold all 13 stitches on waste yarn and CAST ON 13 stitches in that space.
The pattern will continue to the tip of the mitten, and then I will pick up the held stitches and the cast on stitches to work the thumb chart.
I do hope that this is helpful, it seems that your gauge is firmer than the one I am using (you have 74 stitches I gather from the pattern details, I have a little over half that amount)