Setesdal Hat Knitalong with Arne & Carlos

We’re all knitting the Setesdal Hat from the new Field Guide No. 23: Glow!

Watch: our Jan. 31 Zoom launch party with Arne & Carlos right here! Such a great conversation about the Setesdal Hat and all the designs in the Field Guide.

Tune in to Arne & Carlos: Each Wednesday, noon Eastern time in February, Sit and Knit for a Bit podcast is great fun. They are giving tons of tips and wisdom.

Pattern: Details here.

Yarn: The pattern calls for Rowan Norwegian Wool, and we offer a yarn bundle of all five colors here.

1 Ball of each of the following 5 colors: 018 Ribbon Red, 012 Gold Nugget, 010 Wind Chime, 011 Daphne, 020 Frost Pink. If 018 Ribbon Red is sold out, use 023 Red Velvet.

Feel free to use your own yarn if you like, as with all MDK knitalongs.

Schedule: February 1 through February 28.

Prizes! We love to see your progress on social media! Take photos of your hat in progress and post on Instagram or Facebook, and tag them with #arnecarlos and #moderndailyknitting. You’ll be eligible to win all the Rowan Norwegian Wool needed to knit the Valdres Sweater from Field Guide No. 23: Glow, plus some beautiful sets of dpns and circulars from Prym!

How To
Long Tail Cast On
Holding Yarn for Stranded Knitting
Practicing Stranded Knitting
Knitting on Double-Pointed Needles

In addition, MDK will be giving three $50 gift cards to randomly selected participants. And one randomly selected knitter will receive the entire set of MDK Field Guides in ebook form—23 in all!


I’m looking forward to making the Knitalong Setesdal Hat. I was planning to order the Norwegian Wool along with the Field Guide No. 23. I would also like to order Norwegian Wool to make the Kos Neckwarmer. Could you tell me how many balls of each color I need? I’d prefer to just place 1 order, so I don’t have the pattern yet to know how much to order. Thank You!

The Kos Neckwarmer calls for 2 balls of the main color (Peat), and 1 each of the contrast colors (Ribbon Red, Cloud Dancer, and Emerald).


Thank you!

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Since you can make the hat in a 2-color version with 2 balls of yarn, it would be interesting to know how much of each color is consumed in making the full color version. I’m going to guess that at least 2 hats can be made in the multl-color version by shifting the colors around, and maybe one more ball of the yarn would allow for 3, though some design elements might have to be skipped over.


Is it ok to join the KAL if im knitting the mittens? The day my FG arrived, a friend mentioned she needed mittens. Too serendipitous for me to ignore!


One of the hazards of taking notes on a loose sheet of paper is that it’s not always possible to find them…
I knit the sample and am nearly positive that 2 full and identical hats can be made with the 5 balls, and more if you swap the shades around.


I’m sure that it is! :raised_hands:

Thank you! I would not have guessed that there would be enough of the red yarn to do that, but that’s great! (And no, I wouldn’t be upset if a few rounds of another color were required to end off.)

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I am so looking forward to this knit along! I have always been curious about these sorts of social media events, but I always find out about them too late! Trying to stay up to date with MDK and was so proud of myself to have ordered my knit along bundle as soon as it was available! :tada: And now I am typing this comment to be sure I know how to make comments and participate in the lounge ;)) :heart:


I do know that the finished hat was approx. 55 g

The rules generally run pretty fast and loose here so I think you’ll be fine. Call them a swatch for a future hat!


Planning on joining in! Looking forward to knitting the hat although the sweater is beautiful!

That sweater is beckoning me too! I may scheme up some colors for it, though I like the exuberance of what Arne and Carlos show us.


Karen’s right—it’s a pretty loose situation around here! Would love to see your mittens.

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I already have 2 skeins of Norwegian wool in daphne and cappuccino. I am thinking a two color hat would look good.


I am brand new to this community and a novice knitter. I am so excited to join in with a beautiful pattern and the lovely yarn. Just arrived today! Since I am not too confident, I began the setesdal in my own yarns to make sure I could follow the directions. So far so good. What is the best way to draw this pretty Norwegian wool from the ball? Have fun everyone.


Hi Deborah! How great that you’re jumping in! So glad.

I’m just using the outside end of my Norwegian Wool ball—when I pull from the center of yarn balls, sometimes it sort of collapses toward the end.

Hope you have fun with this knitalong. Here to help if you need it.

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Go for it! I’m doing black and white and it’s looking really cool. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got to meet them at Crazy for Ewe Yarns in Leonardtown, MD during their 2022 NorthAmerica Tour. Great workshop. I don’t wear stocking hats, but love a good KAL.