Shakerag Top: Neckline Shaping

I am trying to finish up my Shakerag top and have already frogged the front neckline area once. Can somebody please explain how I bind off two stitches at the neckline when the two stitches are the last two stitches? For example, I did the RS row and bound off the 38 center stitches. Next row, I bound off 7 sets at the beginning of the row, purled to 2 stitches remaining (at neck edge) and can’t figure out how to bind off while then being properly positioned when I turn to the right side for the next row. Also, is there a reason I have to work both sides at the same time, instead of doing right side first followed by left side? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!


Wow! I will be interested in the answer. I love the Shakerag top.

You don’t have to work both shoulders at the same time if you don’t want to. You can work them separately; I find that easier than having two balls of yarn attached to my knitting.

You bind off at the neck edge when it’s the beginning of the row, not the end. On one shoulder it’s the RS facing you, and on the other shoulder it’s the WS facing you.

So for example, you begin with RS row, bind off 38 center sts, continue with same ball of yarn and work to end. Next row (WS), BO 7 sts, work to end of just that shoulder. Turn to RS. BO 2 sts at neck edge, work to end of this RS row. Continue to work just this shoulder.

When it’s done, you can attach yarn at neck edge of other shoulder to begin WS row (because you already worked the RS row before binding off those 38 center sts). BO 2 sts here at neck edge/beginning of WS row. P to end, BO 7 at beginning of next row (RS).

Or you can work just the first shoulder (left?) first. K to marker (RS), don’t bind off the center 38 sts yet. Turn to WS, BO 2 sts at neck, work to end. Turn to RS, BO 7 sts…get the picture? It will come out the same, no matter which shoulder you start with.

Have fun. This is a lovely knit; I enjoyed making mine. One shoulder at a time!