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Slip one purlwise tbl?

Hello. I’ve started knitting the Color Explosion Throw in Field Guide #19. I’m not sure I’m slipping the first stitch correctly at the beginning of each row. I think I understand how to slip purlwise through the back loop (but maybe not because I’m a knitting newbie). Am I supposed to be holding yarn in front sometimes and yarn in back sometimes? Seems I can get one edge to look okay, but the other edge not so much. I’m concerned that if I don’t get this right at the outset, I’ll wind up with with a bit of a mess on my hands when I go to assemble the completed panels. Thanks!


I did the slipped edge with the yarn to the front and then moved the yarn to the back if the next step was a knit.
The goal is a neatly slipped and chained edge, and that said, if you have a preferred slip method, use that and be consistent!


Thank you so much for your reply! As a beginning knitter, I find hints like this to be hugely helpful. It’s not always easy to figure this stuff out on my own, even with access to an enormous amount of online content. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, the yarn should be to the front and your needle goes into the back of the stitch. The idea is to not twist the stitch, so it looks like a regular knit stitch.