Socks: to block or not to block? That is my question.

I have knit four pair of adult socks, three pair for children. All were given away. I did not feel the need to block prior to giving.However, now I am knitting with the sock yarn from “heck”. When I mentioned to my friend that I would like to knit him a pair of socks he immediately related that he wanted silk yarn, and a color like sand. I searched the internet high and low for yarn of that color which also contained some silk. Not to go into too much more detail, one if the unfortunate things about this yarn (besides chronic splitting) is that the wonkiness of my stitches really shows up. This is especially true for the ribbing, which is the whole sock leg and will stream down the instep to the beginning of the toe.

Q. – Can I expect my wonky looking stitches to look more even after soaking?

It depends on what’s causing the wonkiness. Put the whole thing on waste yarn and give it a soak to see if it works out. If it’s a problem with laddering between the double points, soaking probably won’t help it much. I have a chronic problem with laddering and the only thing that works from me is to keep shifting the needles. As I finish one needle, I knit one or two from the next needle and on and on around the sock. It works beautifully for me. (And yes, I have tried every other option I could find but this is the one that works best for me. There’s lots of other ways to avoid laddering and you should try them all. We are all exquisitely different and our rules are our own.)

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Thanks, Karen for your reply. There is really not laddering at the two points, I think because the sock leg is done in K2P2. It’s the “V’s” that look wonky. So much so that I was afraid soaking wouldn’t help. I have never had yarn that has given me such trouble! I guess soaking will at least make it a little better. On the positive side, it does produce a lovely, soft fabric.

Hmmm. Are you sure you’re working at a tight enough gauge? Silk is a slippery little devil and going down a needle size might show it who’s boss.

I started on US#2 needle. I have since started it again, using a #1.

Let us know what happens. I’m curious though. What is the yarn? Silk socks sound lovely.

Webs: Valley Yarn Charlemont in the sand color. Merino, silk, polymide. It’s got a soft, comforting feel.