Startitis: I Hear It's Going Around

I’m loving that coral. I’d remove the tan on the right at 2 o’clock.
Julie in San Diego

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I have to agree, the tan is my least favorite color in the cowl. It has some pink undertones, so it reminds me a bit of the “flesh” crayola crayon.

HOWEVER, I have shown the cowl to a number of knitting friends who wear colors in this range. Most of them were worried about my choice of the bright coral (this was before I had finished the cowl). All of these same knitters like the color progression and all the colors in the final result (to the point that a number of them have hinted that if I want to give it away, they want to be first in line to receive it).

In part, I chose these colors for this color blending project because I had no idea WHAT I could possibly use these particular miniskeins for. I figured the resulting cowl would work as a gift or charity project, and either way, the yarn would be out of my stash in a guilt free manner. :wink:

I did several combos before deciding to use my least favorite yarns. The other combos fit my personal color taste much more, and will probably be turned into cowls before year end (the top group in this photo is what I used):


Hi, Jamie,

The blue/ green one is my crush. I’d make the dark blue the MC and play
the others off it as CC’s. Put me in line for that one!

I’m on a mission to use up stash. I’m in a wheelchair and can’t operate
well in the stash closet, which used to be a little pantry off the
kitchen. (17 big totes of yarn, lol) I send my husband in and tell him
" green" for the grandson or “Pink” for pussy hats (14 so far), and he
brings me what he finds, maybe lace wt, maybe chunky, maybe wool, maybe
cotton. He has no idea. It’s kind of fun to figure out a good project
for what i get.

Julie in San Diego, coolish, maybe rain today


All these miniskeins are the same size (20g), so no skein can be the main color. They are blended gradient style and the cowl is in a textured stitch pattern, which helps a bit with the blending.

The blue is my favorite as well (works with my wardrobe).

Sorry to hear about your mobility issues, but it must make for some interesting knitting challenges when your husband brings you something you didn’t expect.

I have a pretty large stash and was losing track of what did and didn’t have (as well as where it might be). Have you considered having your husband bring you one bin at a time so you can catalog what is in there and then label the bin (#1, 2, etc.)? I keep track of what I have in an Excel spreadsheet (because my “issue” began before Ravelry existed), but the stash tab in Ravelry works well if you have an account. I am pretty good about adding new purchases to the spreadsheet and deleting yarn as it is used up.

Just a thought.


I have had terrible startitis for months. I was starting to make progress by telling myself I could start one new project for every two finished, but then SOMEONE started making a bunch of excellent KALs and now I seem to be on the hook for something every month for a year somehow.

Oh, well.


I’m kind of just letting it flow–I’ve never started so many things in my life, and I have to say, it’s pretty great. I never get bored with anything because I can just reach over there and pick up that other thing that is halfway done.


I’m just having some fun. I’ve never been a monogamous knitter. I didn’t even finish my first garter stitch scarf before I’d started a second one to see what different colors would look like, and shortly after, I cast on for a blanket.

And hey, I didn’t even buy yarn for the Hadley.


all of you lovely people are helping me feel so much better about my knitting life choices. i’ve been shaming myself this week for having so many projects on so many needles: a sweater, another sweater, yet another sweater, socks, some more socks, a scarf, a shawl, omg another shawl i had forgotten about, and the one that i “started” (only a couple rows) in the summer, but put away because it’s winter now (yes. in vermont, it is definitely still winter.).

and i should start on graduation gifts for my graduating advisees in may. which means another 7 projects.

i thought i had a problem. but this morning, i think i just have a lifestyle. i’m good with it.


Agreed. There has been so much coming at me from MDK that I don’t even know where to begin. Those ladies have turned the dial to 11.


Which one is it? You know, inquiring minds… And living vicariously through sweater knitters while I’m happily stuck in a shawl & other non-fitting items until my life calms down a bit.
Also, Thanks for the link, hadn’t seen any of them before.

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Startitis? I have about 3-4 projects; socks, child’s sweater, helical something, and a linen hand towel. I blame MDK and Ravelry! So many things on my wish list. And I do love it.
The thing is, there is my other life - you know, the real life with all those quotidian, daily events. Like dishwashing?
And it’s spring, I want to plant and be outside in the dirt.
What to do, but parcel out my day, take a deep breath, and then read my library books. Hmmm.


OMG, talk about startitis, I am having an “episode” now. My husband couldn’t believe there is such a word. He laughed at me when I told him about it. I am trying to hold back on buying all my favorites from Ravelry.


Yep,me too…and now the Eddy Wrap has turned up and I sooooo want to knit this. Started so many things, all beautiful, and then something really interesting comes along…sigh.

I am in the throes of a tremendously virile strain of startitis! In fact I recently referred to it in an email to a friend as “my homeland”. I too got hooked by the Eddy Wrap. I need to start another shawl like I need another bill to pay or another hole in my head (other than the standard equipment holes I mean) but we’ll see if I can resist when my yarn arrives. The only thing that might slow me down is needing empty needles. We’ll see. It’s not called ProcrastiKNITting for nothing.


hellooooo friends! been a while since i’ve posted anything, so i figured it’s time. summer is over i think - we are wearing socks and sweatshirts in the mornings, here. not too sad about it, actually. BECAUSE KNITTING.

this summer i started (and finished) a wholebuncha things: socks, socks, another pair of socks, a chemo hat for my papa, granito sweater (AWESOME. my mom wants one now), two sweater/tees, a bracelet (OMG. BEADS.), two baby blankets (ok. those aren’t finished yet. but close), another sweater also not finished.

and i’ve still got a slew of other things on needles. shawls/wraps mostly. those suckers take an awful long time.

so now i’m super-jonesy to start something new. what should it be? IDK.


Whew! What a summer of accomplishments! Good on you.

And where might we see these lovelies?