Still in Search of the Perfect Bag/Tote

You could always replace the ropes with longer ones that will fit as a
shoulder bag - hey! that’s a good idea, I think I’ll do that!

Di Anderson

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If you do it and it works you’ll have to post a picture! I would love to see it! :blush:

I made a couple of these. If you search pinterest for bento bags I am sure you will find soe free patterns.

My daughter fell in love with that tote! She ordered one, and is going to add grommets around the outside to run yarn through.

Ballard Designs owes you a commission! :wink:


Mine arrived today & although I like it, the jute was defective on the bottom. They said I could keep it & credited me the entire amount. It only has 1 small zip pocket inside. I ordered a medium, but if I order again I may get the large. Despite the defect, amazing customer service. Btw, I had the word “Knit” embroidered on it! Hope this helps! :blush:


I’ve made many of these - they’re quick and rather perfect.
I cannot recall if I found a tutorial that I especially liked to recommend, but will say that the 15"x 45" makes just the right size for a small - medium project, a wallet, and small notions kit.
I just dyed sheeting with Indigo and am hoping to hand-stitch them up - soon.

Speaking of Fringe Supply - the Stowe Bag pattern is quite nice, it has internal pockets that could be sewn to hold your personal devices and tools.


Love your bag & fabric! I’ll go look at the Stowe bag, too. Thanks!

I love this Liberty of London bag. I took it with me when I traveled to Shetland last summer and was amazed at how much it held–yarn, notions, smaller project bags, etc. It is coated fabric so wipes clean. Can’t beat it.


It’s beautiful, it’s also sold out! LOL! I’ll keep an eye out for it. I have something similar from Moop that is would be perfect if not for the closure. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the suggestion - I had no idea patterns were available. The construction looks bewildering (from the finished product) but I will look into it.

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I am a fan of Thirty-One bags. Not expensive so not as fashionable as some that were recommended but they have a bunch of different options. I have a zip tote I use for multiple small projects. I have Carry-Alls for mini projects that I have going on around the house and a couple I will carry out of the house and then I have a huge tote that I use when I go out. I use the tote for outings when i need to bring other things like my ipad and camera or food and then throw in a project tote for the knitting project I have going on and it works well. I am in the process of spring cleaning, so once I have cleaned up my knitting projects- I’ll send a pic! :wink:

Thanks for the info about the bags. I’ve never heard of these and they are perfect for me.


Thanks for the Tom Bihn tip. I’ve been looking for a bag like these and am delighted that you pointed the way.

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I like the Yarn Pop clutchable for purse and knitting. It’s on the small side but keeps a small project separate from basic purse items. Excellent for waiting room knitting, I think. They have larger styles. For my budget they’re a bit spendy but they have some 1/2 off now.

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Thank you, for now I’m loving a bag I found at Tuesday Morning. I posted a pic on another thread. I’ll definitely take a look, though. I don’t think I can have enough knitting bags! :blush:

Etsy has all kinds of great stuff. I try to stay away because it is bad for my credit card. :slight_smile:


Oh, Tom Bihn. My favorite carry-on luggage. I love my Swift and the Yarn Stuff Sacks. My next purchase will probably be a Maker’s Bag. Their Parental Unit (the diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag) is also great for portable knitting. Disclaimer: I did not buy the Parental Unit to use as a diaper bag – I bought it because its brilliant compartments can be customized.


That parental unit bag looks tempting.

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Another fan of the Tom Bihn Swift. I use the stuff sacks* and knitting tool pouches to keep things internally organized.

Unless I am travelling, I use it for knitting only (during commute, roadtrips, etc.) and carry a separate handbag. For travel, I condense things a lot and use it for both knitting and minimal purse things (organizer wallet for ID, cards and money; Freudian Slip for non-knitting stuff; I don’t use the Freudian slip otherwise).

Whether you use it for knitting only, for knitting plus purse stuff and/or for travel, the Swift is a durable, versatile and all-around excellent bag.

  • NOTE, get the knitting-specific stuff sacks; there are other ones for general use which lack the clips to hook into your bag and the carabiner to pass yarn through. I got those in error but kept them to quarantine laundry in my suitcase and gym bag.

I bought the Tom Bihn bag designed especially for knitters. Great bag but a few too many bells and whistles for me to keep track of, I found. I got the maker bag for my jewelry classes and loved it! Is yours a maker’s bag?