Still Loving My Perfect Sweater

A few years ago Ann and Kay invented a fun project called The Perfect Sweater. It was very democratic. Readers voted on all the sweater features–yarn weight and type, sweater state, sleeve type, neckline, and so on. The winners in each category were put together and identified as The Perfect Sweater. As I remember, it was to be a long-sleeved pullover with gentle shaping, a ribbed crew neck and, evidently, hemmed bottom edge and cuffs (since mine has both of those, and I wouldn’t have gone in that direction on my own). My neck, hem, and cuffs also have contrast picot edges, which I believe were sanctioned options. I think the chosen yarn was Cascade 220.

Ladies, I’m sure I have some of these things wrong–corrections very welcome!

At any rate, I still have, and wear, my Perfect. It has undergone some changes. It’s now a cardigan (yes, scissors, argh) with little buttons and loop closures. I love the color, and it’s a Perfect little jacket over a t-shirt or blouse.

Do you still have your Perfect?


YES! I still have mine, which is going to need some visible mending thanks to some hungry moths!!! So great that you’ve modified yours. That was such a fun group project. Hmmm, maybe we need to do another one!


I would love that! I’ll bet choices–tastes–have changed considerably. It would be fun to find out.


I never actually made my “perfect sweater”. I bought the yarn, had it in stash for years, and finally used it in something else. I’d love to see us go through that process again to see what we come up with. I still plan on making it one day, but hey, maybe there will be an even more perfect sweater!!


My Perfect also fell victim to moth-attack a couple of years ago. I knit in a patch, not very expertly, as you can see, but when I’m wearing it the patch is pretty well concealed. At least no one has ever come up to me and said, “Wow, that’s quite a moth-hole patch you have there.”


Visible patches are all the rage now on any garment possible. So, why would anyone want to point out your design feature?

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I remember the Perfect Sweater project well, polls and charts and all. Yours looks wonderful in its cardiganized version. I wish I had thought of that, as I couldn’t follow along at the time, because I had neither the size nor the , err, temperament to wear a worsted-weight pullover. Anyway, I love the hints of color at the button band. Brilliant!


I loved the Perfect Sweater! i am still using its advice on how to make ribbing not pull in at the bottom .

I remember running across the Perfect Sweater pattern page in Ravelry, but I didn’t know it was the result of polling etc.! :slight_smile:

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Yes, and it was tremendous fun. What neckline? Poll. Sleeves–set in? raglan? Poll. Yarn–worsted? dk? bulky? Poll. Cardigan? Pullover? Poll. Length? Poll. Delicious suspense as we awaited the results of each poll.


Your sweater looks really nice.

Yes. Can you host another kal? I wasn’t around for the first one. Pretty please


I agree with this request on a spiritual level

I bought the yarn for my Perfect, and started it but never got very far; I think I had trouble with the bottom band flipping up. I still plan to make it some day; maybe this is the year to make that happen! Not a lot to rip out, and my technique might be better by now (or maybe someone could just tell me how to make the bottom band not flip up…) I second the idea of a KAL.

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My husband has the same problem with the vest I knitted him! Since it’s all finished (and I foolishly sold the leftover yarn), someone suggested to me knitting a facing for the hem in a lighter weight yarn. I knitted the vest in DK, so I bought some fingering for it. I’ll pick up the stitches around the edge and knit 2 or 3 inches and then tack it down on the inside.

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Is that original Perfect Sweater saved somewhere?

I am looking for past ‘yearly’ pattern voting results. Is that information available? There’s so many lovely pattern out there that I have probably overlooked. Is there an archive online somewhere that I can access?


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You can go to the archives. Click on Letters at the top of the MDK page. Then click on 2005 and scroll back to September. I think this is where it was all born.



Thanks so much. MDK still has mysteries I haven’t explored!