Suggestions for a Sweater Pattern Featuring Many Different Yarns

I have managed to pick up, over the years, many skeins of brownish “natural” wool - and all of these similar weight (worsted-ish) skeins have gradually been increasing their “knit me” murmers into straight out shouts over the past few weeks. Inspired by Ann’s “Eight Yarns, One Sweater” I am itching to make my own however am stumped on picking a sweater pattern. The first two I knit more than 8 and 5 years ago did not exactly turn out as expected, and were never worn.

My thought is that something textured would be the way to go - but I would love to hear your input and advice! I can post pictures of the yarns if that would help inspire.

Thank you!


Oh, Sarah, you have a lot of fun ahead! The main challenge I faced was the wildly varied weights of the yarn–everything from fingering (which I doubled) to a heavy worsted to a mulespun that was basically flurf. If you can get your yarns to be basically the same weight, it will make things a lot easier. I’m itching to make another one too–I cannot resist a skein of natural-colored wool with a tag bearing the name of a beloved sheep. For this next one, I’m thinking that supersimple texture pattern would be good–or even straight-up seed stitch or stockinette if you want the variation in the yarns to shine. I wear my Eight Yarns, One Sweater often, and I hope you make one soon!


I almost feel like modular knitting is the way to go here. That way each yarn gets to work separately. Or two color garter?

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Thank you both! Ann, I re-read your posts on 8 Yarns One Sweater and am fully inspired and excited to dive into this project. I have decided on

Also, I have realized that my yarns vary from light brown to dark, so I’m thinking an ombre sweater (light on the bottom to dark on top) featuring helical strips. And who knows what I will do with the sleeves. This should be interesting!!


Can’t wait to see it. Very nice pattern.

Stripes is a great way to even out variations in gauge-weight in the most simple and basic way! If I were you, I’d wind off about a third of each one of your yarns and save it for the sleeves; it’ll look much more intentionally designed if you can at least somewhat match the tones at the bottom of the sweater also at the cuffs, and on upward.


Oshima is a beautiful sweater. Love the brioche yoke and cowl neck . Nice choice!

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Wonderful idea for a project. I’m wondering if this idea has become a WIP? Or possibly even a FO? Pictures, SarahRose??

Here is @Ann1 ravelry page. . She has the link I’m sure to where she blogged it.

This is the beginning of the blog entries…



Thank you. I didn’t have time to search.

Thanks for the replies! But my post was unclear–I know about Ann’s “Eight Yarns” masterpiece. I was just curious whether SarahRose had created the Oshima with her collection of brownish yarns.

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