Swirl hat on worsted?

Just got the Sequences guide and want to make the Swirl hat as a chemo cap. The recommended chemo yarns are almost all worsted weight. Can anyone advise how to change the gauge for the sequence patterns?

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Dagnabit. My Sequence book is mia at the moment so I’m doing this blind. Here’s the rub–you’re going to have to do math. Let’s assume the pattern calls for 5 st to the inch, the pattern repeat is 10 stitches and the hat is 12 repeats of the pattern. (Remember–I am making these numbers up. You’ll have to fill them in from the pattern.)

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So 10 stitch repeat 12 times=120 stitches. 120 stitches dived by 5 stitches to the inch equals 24 inches for the circumference of the hat.

Now it’s time to work backward from everything you already know.

Let’s pretend that the yarn you are using is giving you 4 stitches to the inch on whatever needle gives you a fabric that makes you happy.

So 4 stitches to the inch times 24 inches (which is what the original pattern says your circumference should be) = 96 stitches. Dang! That’s not divisible by the 10 stitch repeat so you need to make some decisions here.

You can either make the hat an inch bigger and cast on 100 or make the hat smaller and cast on 90. I’m assuming you know your head or the head of the person who will wear this. My head–I’m going bigger! I have A LOT of hair. I rocked the 80s. If I were making it for my mom or my niece, I would go lower. Sadly, they never embraced the big hair thing.

The other option is to be a totally ballsy broad and adjust the pattern. Can you figure out how to make the repeat be 8 stitches instead of 10. Of course you can!!! But you just might be too darn tired to do that and you can’t find the graph paper and it’s just been a really wacky week–oh wait, sorry, that’s me, not you.

One of these choices will work for you. Either way, you need to a: swatch to see what your gauge is and b: do the pattern math. From there, the world is your oyster.

Let me know what you decide to do and, if you would like, I’ll help you figure out the crown decreases for whatever change you decide to make.

This should be fairly straightforward. The pattern stitch is a multiple of 10, so merely reduce by 10 to 90 or 100 stitches and confirm that your gauge makes a reasonable circumference.
Remember that for a chemo hat you need a smaller size and snugger fit.
When it comes to shaping the top, you’ll divide the stitches by 5 (19 or 20 stitches) and decrease as the pattern says.

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Oh do you have a way with words - too funny!

Thank you for the thoughtful replies! I am seriously challenged by the demands of spatial reasoning, and find the simple task of figuring out a change like this very confusing. Your explanations will serve me well. For the hat, I found a cotton/bamboo yarn (Bamboo Pop by Universal) very close in gauge to the recommended Cormo sport in a great raspberry color, so I went with that. Swirl is a beautiful pattern and a lot of fun to knit. Won’t be very warm but summer is coming. :hugs:

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