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Tabouli - Nua Sport or Rowan Felted Tweed

Would either Nua Sport or Rowan Felted Tweed work for Carol Feller’s Tabouli?

Oh, that’s a pretty cardigan!
I just looked on Ravelry, and Tabouli was written to be knit with Nua Sport, and has been knit with Felted Tweed also.
There’s a tab on the design page that shows the yarns that have been used (and documented, on Ravelry).
As an aside, this is a feature that I use continually when I’m working at my LYS.

Wow! That’s a tough decision. Both are great yarns and both would be great for that sweater. Are feeling all “it’s autumn in Northern England and I’m out to harvest apples from the manor’s ancestral orchard”? If that’s the case, then go with the Rowan. If you’re feeling all “I am the benevolent goddess of autumn, her to renew the earth and all things that are good,” then go with the Nua.

Or you could just go by what color you like best. But that’s a little too easy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: