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Team Blanket No. 7: For Parents Surviving a Terrible Loss

Our MDK contributor Austen Gilliland is heading up a team to make a blanket for Ebraheim and Kawthar Barho, the Syrian refugee couple who lost all seven of their children in a recent, horrific house fire in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Austen will be telling us more about this project. Thank you, Austen, for leading this team.

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Thank you, Ann.

Last week, a fire ripped through the Halifax home of Ebraheim and Kawthar Barho and their seven children, Syrian refugees who had arrived in Canada in 2017. All seven children were killed in the fire, and Ebraheim was very badly injured in his attempts to rescue them. He continues to fight for his life. Heart-breaking barely begins to describe it. (Link to news story.)

The community has set up a GoFundMe page for financial support, and the government is working to bring Kawthar’s family to Canada to help her in this unimaginably difficult time. A blanket doesn’t seem like much – but we all know the comfort that knitting can bring.

I’m hoping that some of you will join me in making blanket squares for a blanket for Kawthar Barho as a tangible symbol of sympathy and caring.

The goal: A 12-square blanket.
The pattern: Kay’s Mitred Crosses Blanket
The yarn: Lamb’s Pride worsted
The palette: Bright/dark centre, light border
The size: 11.2" square
The deadline: Finished (blocked, ends woven in) squares in the mail by Wednesday, March 13

Please leave a note here and/or email me at abgilliland[AT]gmail[DOT]com to sign up.

If you need the pattern, please email me (address above) and I’ll send it to you. When you have finished your square, let me know and I’ll email you my mailing address.

I’m sure I’ll think of more notes, but I’ll have to add them later. Thanks in advance for your interest.

Count me in, Austen. Thinking about this couple with such a heavy heart. Unfathomable. x0x0


Please count me in as well. I can’t even begin to fathom …
I have the pattern.


Thank you Ann and Nell, I really appreciate it!

Thanks also to Louise, Deb, Jocelyn and Kay, who contacted me directly or via IG.

That puts us at 7 squares. I’ve got my fingers crossed for another few volunteers.

Have a good Wednesday!

My daughter will be happy to knit one as well. We are at 8.

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Wonderful, thank you Nell! Please tell your daughter I’m grateful for her contribution. :slight_smile:

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Please count me in as well. I have the pattern already.

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Thank you, Elselynn! It’s great to have you aboard.

Another welcome to contributor Gillian, who joined via Instagram, who brought our numbers to 10.

…and to Helen, recruited by Gillian, bringing our group to 11 knitters and one non-knitter, Miriam, who made a generous donation to cover yarn for blanket assembly and/or shipping costs.

Thanks everyone for your support so far.



I’m in. My sweater can wait a few days. This is heartbreaking.


Would love to join.
Is there an alternate yarn that can be used?
I’m allergic to mohair & Lambs Pride contains just enough to get my itch going.

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Hey Bonnie. How about this? I’m still sewing up on my blankets so you can do a 12x12 square in something 100% wool, colors of your choice, and I’ll send one of the squares that I knit for blanket 2 (I did a bunch) to blanket 7.


Thank you @kjt1211 … sounds like a plan. I do have 100% wool here that will work. I’ll get to knitting. Thank you & you totally rock!!

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Great. There was so much kindness on Team 2 I will happily pay it forward for the rest of my life.


A good start!


Yay​:clap::clap::clap: go Karen go!!

Super generous idea.

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Wow, what awesomeness to wake up to! Thank you @bonniejacobs and @kjt1211 – I’m loving your collaboration, and your contributions. :hearts:

Hi, Everyone! I’m ready to help. :heart:

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