The Daytripper Cardigan

In the Daytripper Cardigan the schematic shows a different circumference than the finished bust measurement listed in the pattern. Is that because the schematic is giving the measurement prior to the button bands being added?

Just thinking ahead…is the sewing prior to the cutting of the steek done on a sewing machine?


This is my first KLA and steeking so I am with you!
Be ky

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Any particular way to join in?

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Oddly, as a DPN user by preference, I DID NOT like the flexi-tips. I really wanted to, but they are seriously fiddly, like you and I find magic loop. They do have one great use—as the extra needle to help bridge two circulars that aren’t quite enough room for the total amount of stitches a project has grown to. I have gone back to either DPNs or two circulars that are both langer than half the span the project requires.

There’s a thread right here, and all you need to do is read along and post : )

I really do like the flexiflips, but haven’t tried them at this large of a gauge yet. I’ve got the size 10 on order for the scarf. I’ll report back! :slight_smile:


I am going to try for first time! Lots of first on this one… flexi flips and steeking!

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I recommend buying an extra skein just for swarching. I had to make several large swatches to find a good gauge with this yarn and almost used a full skein in doing so, especially because you want to make sure to swatch out the colorwork section, too.

Just started my yoke!


Just started swatching for Daytripper in Lettlopi!

I’m doing the same and having trouble making gauge. Up to size 11 needles but don’t really like the fabric. Wondering if I should use the 10 1/2 and make a bigger size. Any ideas?

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will be interesting to hear how that goes.


Ok … reading ahead in the pattern for the Daytripper. Am I overthinking this? I know patterns make more sense when you read and work them as you are knitting - at least for me they do.

But this body measurement is (day)tripping me up. Why does the length from the underarm decrease as the sizing increases? Does it account for a difference in the underarm sizing? I get the “work until 2.25 inches from finished length” which is what I will use. Just wondering if I am reading this wrong. See pic below.

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Good Morning, All.

I’ve officially placed my work on hold. I am not too new to colorwork however, I ran into a blocker with my yoke. At the beginning of the yoke chart, am I to add an increase during my 4-st repeat? My count was off on round 3 and 4 and then when I reached round 5, it caused me to stop. I don’t want to give up before I start but I’m there already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Kim,
I read it as the first increase happening on round 5. Then you will have 6 stitches per repeat instead of 4. You might want to check round 3 for extra stitches. While trying to keep the floats nice and loose, a person could catch one as an accidental yarnover. (Stranger things have happened.) Don’t ever give up! Please.

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Ms. VirginiaMae~
Thank you so much for taking the time out to respond to my question. I knew that I was reading the pattern correctly and saw that the increases only began at the 5th row. The only thing that I can think of is that I missed counted somewhere with my cast on and/or with my German Short Row work I am definitely going to start over however I am going to follow your advice and never give up. Thank you again!!


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I’m not knitting this particular pattern but it is likely due to the circumference of the yoke more than the size of the underarm. If the yoke goes further down the shoulder the sleeve length will be shorter. Does that make sense?

It helps me to mark the repeats with stitch markers. You start with 4 stitches between markers working up to 12. Before I started yoke I did the math to be sure it all added up.

Note: the last repeat has 5 stitches, and is worked as noted on the chart between the bold black ( white in reverse color mode) lines.

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Totally. I did start over AND I thought about that using a stitch marker to make sure that was on track. I also think my problem stemmed from my German short row count. I believe that I missed something there.

Even still, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.