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I’ve been here and there in the lounge, but this seems like the most likely thread to bring up Something That Makes Me Crazy. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s with so-called pull skeins… you know, the ones designed for you to pull the yarn out from the inside? Except that in my case (and surely I’m not the only one), the end that you’re supposed to pull is so artfully hidden in the deep, dark depths of the skein that I end up pulling out a HUGE glob of yarn that’s half the skein just so I can find the end. Does anyone have a trick for this? (And please don’t tell me just to start from the outside. Tonight’s last-straw effort was for a second sock, and if I start the yarn from the outside, the stripes will be in the reverse order, when I’m trying to make them symmetrical.)

Why can’t yarn manufacturers just leave the end to the outside, as we do when we wind the yarn ourselves?


I often poke around in there, figuring something surely must be The End,
then yeah—I totally wreck it.

Thank you, Martha. That ole blog 'o mine is so neglected. I am grateful for your encouragement. It seems that knitting has taken over my life these days but I will get back to it soon. Thanks again. Annie

That’s a very good question! I don’t even try anymore to pull from the center.

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I find myself in suspense, wondering what the answer was in the quiz.

Please advise what the yarn is? I still think it’s Rifton in the MDK colorway with each skein started at a different place in the colorway!

Ladies (& others) of MD Knitting: I placed an order from the shop corner of your website on Friday, 12/16/16). All my stuff arrived yesterday (Mon., 12/19/16)! My package was waiting when I got home from work on Monday! Awesome work by all! Thanks! I hope all of you folks at MDK have safe happy, lovely holidays with your family.
P.S. I wasn’t sure where to put this - hope this thread is OK.


So glad to hear your package arrived safe and sound. Thank you for shopping with us! It’s a joy to hear from you. Wishing you a warm holiday.

I have a question specifically for Ann. I was reading somewhere - that’s my problem, can’t remember where - about a log cabin baby blanket you made. It might’ve been in Letters because I think you were telling Kay about it. You said you actually rolled dice to determine the placement of your next color. I also remember that you said you had no particular baby in mind when you started the blanket and you wrote “sometimes you have to wait for the baby”. Did I dream this? Can you point me to where I read about this blanket? I was inspired enough to collect all my stashed cotton to get started on a project like that.