Up-cycling Fleece

I have been following "Daughter of a Shepherd’s"progress for about a year and am so impressed with her new yarn, Ram Jam. Basically, it is made from multiple breed fleeces normally regulated to the “muck pile”. For certain folks who love gray…

Can’t wait to try it!


Lucky you! I’m crazy about Rachel’s yarns and ideas. Kay wrote about Rachel and her venture a while back—here you go.


A knitting friend and I were horrified to learn that the wool from the sheared sheep at the county fair is discarded because “it’s not good wool.” I don’t remember the kind of sheep but can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t love the fleece. I intend to do some research this year and share the info with the 4-H people. Kids raise those sheep and can use the money they’d get for that wool. Thanks for the reminder about Daughter of a Shepherd. I can refer them to her for further info. Throwing wool away, I ask you.

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Hi Ann. Thanks for this link. I had searched for “daughter of a shepherd” on MDK before posting, but this didn’t pop up. I’m a greenhorn in posting to the Lounge!

Amen! Yes, the kids should have options!