Use for old woolen socks

I friend of mine gave me some old, tired woolen socks - well beyond repairing. I am really into reuse and recycle, but this one had me stumped . . . until I started pairing up my husband’s socks by rolling the cuffs together. BINGO! Roll the whole sock into the toe, put in a few stitches to hold it shut, and suddenly they are DRYER BALLS! What do you think, crafters?


That’s a great idea, my old dryer balls are almost coming apart.
And, just lately I also have been wondering what to do with some old wool socks that have had such big heel holes, I didn’t even want to start darning. (And to tell the truth, I don’t want to darn at all. :open_mouth: )
So, I cut off the foot/toe end and created wrists warmers.
With the blue ones below, I dried too often in the dryer and they felted smaller and tight, I was so reluctant to give them away. The brown/orange ones were my husband’s (the heel hole was huge), I cut them without creating a thumb. They really are for warming the wrist! On both I did machine sew a line near the cut edge to reduce the knitted edge from becoming unraveled.


Oh my goodness - that is brilliant! The blue ones are so beautiful - it’s wonderful that you were able to re-purpose them in a way that lets you enjoy the colors and textures of your lovely work.


I’d like to make sock animals out of mine. I have seen some darling ones.