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Wavy Ball Band Dishcloth?

As I’m knitting a ball band dishcloth, the bottom row is very wavy. Will it lie flat off my knitting needles at the end? :slightly_frowning_face:

Let’s see a picture. Mine isn’t wavy on the first BB dishcloth and after the 1st one I started with an I-cord CO to match I-cord BO. (I posted pics under a different post)

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Oh um well, what cast on did you do? And then knit a row, purl next row, join color B to start the “blocks”? There’s nothing wrong with the wavy bottom;) and I’m sure you can block it out straight! Looks great💚

This was my 1st BB Dishcloth (not washed/blocked)

Thanks for your reply. Your edges look great! I retaught myself to do regular cast on because I thought that was the problem. But apparently it wasn’t! :roll_eyes:

When I first knitted some years ago, I was satisfied with them. In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Thx again for your reply!