Wet Block or Steam Block Alpaca Blend?

I’m about at the end of a shawl knit with Blue Sky Fibers Techno, which is described as alpaca fiber blown into a silk tube/scrim. Hence the “Techno” name, I’m thinking, it’s beautiful, warm, light as air, and now it is going to need to be blocked. I have never worked with Alpaca before and I’m nervous about wet blocking though I think it might give a better result than steam. Just not sure. Any guidance will be gratefully received!

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I’ve not used the Blue Sky Techno, but I’ve wet-blocked swatches in other ‘blown’ yarns. They come out great. Knit/purl texture stitches tend to collapse a little, but I think that would happen with steam blocking as well.

Your question has reminded me that I wanted to make a big, ultra warm cardi in one of these yarns :slight_smile:

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Alpaca and silk are organic fibers so you really shouldn’t have any problem with either method. If you have your swatch, why don’t you block it first? Personally I always prefer steam. I feel that it evens out my stitches better and often yields better drape, but perhaps with this “techno” fiber you are looking for something a bit more textured and 3-dimensional. There is no heat and therefore shouldn’t be any risk involved in wet-blocking at any rate, so no reason to be nervous.

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Good info, many thanks! This yarn is lovely and airy I was hesitant to wet it down for fear of flattening it. Oh, if only there were a swatch, but no… :grinning:


Thanks so much! Swatch, what swatch??!! This being a Shawl, without any fit to speak of, I didn’t bother. Now wishing I had! But no matter. I think I may try steaming into shape, and if I’m not satisfied there’s always wet blocking in my bag o’ yarny tricks. Just want to preserve the loft as much as possible.


So? how did the blocking turn out? Any photos?

You’re so thoughtful to ask! I took the plunge and wet blocked’ and I’m happy with the result. Photo attached!


Oops, what did I do wrong? Photo doesn’t seem to have appeared. You can see the project over at Ravelry, I’m “Rodeorose “.

That looks great. You’ll love the weight and warmth of that yarn.
As for the link, did you hit the bar with the arrow icon (7th across the top) and choose the image file from your device?

Yes, I think I did that! Trying it again. I’m working from my iPad.


Beautiful! The knitting and blocking both!

That shawl is beautiful!! Is the pattern on ravelry?

You’re so kind! Thank you! The pattern is the Sasha Wrap by Sarah Smuland. It is available through Ravelry, though I bought it for a dollar less through Webs (also a download). I bought the yarn at Webs, as well. The button came from my stash.

Thank you for passing on the info. I think I am going to make one!:+1:t3:
Yours is absolutely gorgeous