What I've Been Watching

I love Peaky Blinders! I’ve watched all three season 3 times! I also have enjoyed Lillehammer with Steven VanZandt. Comedy/ drama filmed in Norway. Cool sweaters.


Great, I will check it out tonight. Thanks a lot. Annie

I binged on that on Netflix this summer. Super addictive!!

I have become obsessed with “Turn.” I had insomnia last week and stayed up ALL night watching episode after episode. I’m going to be very sad when I hit the end of the most recent season and have to wait for more.

I watched all of Being Erica and miss the characters on that show so much. Now I’m slowly watching the new Gilmore Girls and have gotten hooked on This is Us. Looking forward to watching Turn.

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Oh, I loved Being Erica, too!

What other programs do you like? I’m searching for something for when I (gasp) finish Turn.

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I have such a hard time even hearing Simcoe’s voice–he creeps me out!!! Thanks for this recommendation; I’m already up to Season 2, episode 10.

I’m trying to choose some of my viewing based on the demographics of the programming–so many of the shows are all-white, all-male faces.

Does anyone have any recommendations for shows that feature a variety of ethnicities? Or at least one non-white…

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Nothing like Erica, but I did like Being Mary Jane as well. For light fluff, I’ve been watching Younger with my older girl and oddly, My Mad Fat Diary with my younger one. There’s a few too many sex scenes in that (she’s 15) but we can talk about the character’s behavior and self-image. My older girl (23 yesterday!) wants to dress just like Liza in Younger.

I loved Erica’s clothes in that show too!

Being Mary Jane, about an African-American news anchor in Atlanta and her family and love life…also excellent clothes.

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Thank you! I find that I am super-sensitive to how invisible people of any non-white ancestry are in most mainstream entertainment. I try to put myself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t look like me and feel what it must feel like to look at all of those shows highlighted on Netflix and not see more than 1 or 2 featuring anyone who remotely looks non-white. It makes me really sad. So I’m trying to find programming that reflects the world around us rather than the white-washed Hollywood version of the world we’re so often given.

I will check out Being Mary Jane–thanks!


One of the reasons I’ve been watching My Mad Fat Diary with my girl. While she is white, the show starts out with her being released from a mental hospital after attempting suicide. She’s very overweight (also a theme in This Is Us) and her mom is an idiot. So unlike my daughter’s life! My cousin’s 16 yo son committed suicide just last summer so this is a talking point these days.


Has anyone started watching Good Behavior on TNT? It starts Michelle Dockery, who most of us last saw as Lady Mary on Downton Abbey. This is a very different role for her. I watched the first episode with my husband and we discovered that this is a show that we both enjoy - lots of mind games and plot twists, and it’s fun to try to figure out what will happen next, or to be totally surprised when things take an unexpected turn.

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i caught part of the premiere episode by accident, and thought “geez. now this is a new michelle dockery for me!” :slight_smile: I liked it too.

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ever since i binged out on The Americans (all due to the post on MDK - was it Kay? was it Ann? I apologize, I can’t remember) I have been having a hard time finding a series that scratches my itch just right. I tried to watch Gilmore Girls, but I found it was making me grumpy, which is not at all why I watch tv.

I have some more Friday Night Lights I’ve been saving, but I don’t want it to end, so that’s hard.

And I do keep meaning to get into The Crown! This thread reminds me to get right on it. This weekend. Other friends have recommended Luke Cage to me. Also in my queue from Netflix: Luther, Grace and Frankie, and The 100.

TURN is awesome.

I’ve been bingeing on stuff everyone else has already seen. A few months ago, I watched the entire run of Nashville, and also The West Wing. (Glad I watched TWW then, because I don’t think I could bear to watch it now.) Lately I’ve been going back to things I’ve seen before but can thoroughly appreciate again…Nero Wolf, currently.

Yes, I’m hooked on This Is Us too.

I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s son. Such a tragedy. So young.

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My sympathies on the death of your cousin’s son. My sister-in-law’s cousin’s son committed suicide just a few weeks ago–he was 15. I’m glad your daughter has you to talk about these things with.

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There is a new App on appletv for BBCAMERICA. I have been watching new series on this. currently nursing my bronchitis and watching “Undercover”. If you like crime shows, it is a good one.