Worsted Weight Substitutes

I am looking for a worsted weight yarn to make the 1898 Hat. I have made the pattern for others several times. I love the heathered range in Cascade 220, and made one for myself recently, but I am getting an itchy rash on my forehead. I prefer natural fibres and today’s temperature is -25 C / -2 F… Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You may want to look at Merino or other softer breed wool.
There’s a ‘yarn ideas’ tab on each pattern page on Ravelry that lists yarns other knitters have used:
you can click to see each yarn worked for that knitter.


Thanks! Great idea, I’ll check Ravelry.

Dorothy Van Daele

Have you tried alpaca? Or really fine mohair. Also, cashmere is really warm and soft. You would have to try in the store and put it against your neck. the other idea is to line it with knit. Synthetics just don’t do it in the real cold.

Some of this I should also budget dependent, but I love merino, cashmere, silk blends for close to skin. You definitely have to wash your swatch because silk tends to grow, but more have never found this blend to be itchy.

Thank you for pointing that out! I had no idea that was an option… need to pay more attention…

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Cascade 220 is pure wool, just not real soft for sensitive skin. :wink::angel::balloon:

Cascade also have a 220 Merino - it’s a similar price (slightly more expensive but not much) and feels up soft!


Perfect! Thank you!

I agree about synthetics and cold.

I’ll look for alternatives on Ravelry…

For my itchy ears and forehead the liner isn’t enough… just the few millimetres of doing is enough to set off a reaction (it’s payback for years of silent skepticism re wool allergy!).

If cashmere doesn’t work, you may be out of knit options. Try the hood with a down jacket.

Wool with bamboo is also a softer, less scratchy option, that can be cheaper than wool and silk. You might also try a wool than is a chainette style (rather than worsted) - those are just as warm, but the yarn isn’t as fuzzy/prickly.

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Thank you. I have wondered why this is the first time I have had the problem, and I think you have told me!

I think this will be the first thing I try… most like the original! Thank you.

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I had no idea that tab was there. I’ve spent the day searching for substitutes for my Papa sweater to be. I enjoyed it, but would have found what I’ve pretty much settled on a lot faster. Amazing what one learns through MDK.