Yarn for Warm Climates

One of my dearest friends has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She divides her time between Illinois and Florida. What should I use to wrap her in comfort wherever she is…linen, Milo? Any suggestions?

i lived for two years on the hot humid Caribbean–I knit some shawls with bamboo yarn while there–no to heavy.

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I live in Florida full time and the climate does influence. I knit with wool for family and friends in the north, but for myself I have used linen, sock yarn, and bamboo.


Thanks, these are all good options.

Cotton yarn, Sock yarn, Bamboo yarn :sparkling_heart:are great for warm climate :sunny::beach_umbrella::palm_tree::slightly_smiling_face:. I live in CA, believe me, I know, besides I can’t wear wool, makes me itch​:exclamation::worried:


I know this is an old post but will throw in my opinion anyway. I have lived in the South for 40+ years and have knitted for the whole family during that time. My all time favorite “Southern” yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It’s a joy to knit, does well in the washer (cold setting) and dryer (low to medium setting) (but of course you will do your swatch first, measuring before and after washing) and the kids grew out of the garments before they showed signs of wear. I made a cabled poncho for my 8 year old back in the day and she just sent a picture of herself in it after moving to NC. She is 27 and it still looks lovely! I love it for my own sweaters in Winter time as well and have made pillows and afghans with the cotton fleece too. It’s a gem and wears so well it’s unbelievable. Linen is lovely too but if I use a small gauge to keep it from being see through, it’s too heavy to wear. There are new linens now that are braided and are a bit less heavy but I haven’t tried them for a sweater yet. For a good, all around Southern yarn, I would pick this. I have used it as both DK and Worsted weight, depending on the pattern and gauge count. If you want fancy, there is a lovely cotton yarn by Juniper Moon and many others. You will have many yarns to choose from!


Thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful options.