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Learned to knit as a child an am now getting ready to start the master hand knitting course from the Knitting Guild of America. I have been a Spinner since the 1970s although most of my time is now spent knitting. I love wool and most animal fibers. Definitely not a monogamous knitter and usually have three or four projects going, working on which ever one appeals to me at the moment or allows my hands a little more rest.

Dyeing in the past has usually come up with great results. Recently purchased some yarns which were a disappointment in the color department, so I will probably over dye them soon.

I consider knitting a very worthwhile endeavor as it encourages one to try new things and learn as you go. Need to be outdoors too so an extensive garden, hiking and kayaking are among my other interests.

There is a wonderful knitting Guild in town where I live. A very supportive group, we enjoy knitting together on a weekly basis .