Birkin make or break point , seeking opinions!

I’m past the colorwork on my Birkin yoke sweater and unsure about whether it’s worth it to keep going. Yarn is Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply. Yes, I made a gauge swatch and got gauge. I transferred the live stitches to multiple #3 circs so I could try it on, had DH do photos of both front and back. The back seems OK but I’m not happy with the frontacross the collarbone area. If this is going to be an Epic Fail, I’d rather frog it now, cut my losses, and do something else with the yarn.
Seeking opinions/ advice! Thanks!


The photo doesn’t seem to have come through.

Same for me - picture not accessible!

Yeah, I’m totally inept. Decided to frog the damn thing, anyway.


Sorry, I’m incompetent in all things techie. Decided to frog it, anyway.

I think that was the right thing to do. I spent a month finishing my Birkin when I had a few small doubts about the fit of the yoke. It looks gorgeous for about five seconds but then it rides up, and pouches at the front neck, despite short rows - It’s totally unwearable. I wish I’d frogged once I’d got thr colourwork out of my system!

Yeah, and I didn’t even cry as I frogged it! You can still frog it! Yarn can be repurposed, unlike fabric when once you cut it, you’re committed! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the encouragement but mine is BT Loft, gorgeous yarn, but I’ve found it doesn’t like being frogged and reused, it just disintegrates - but the Birkin gets lots of Oohs! and Aaaahs! even when it is just shown off on a hanger, so that’s how I’ve decided to keep it!

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Being admired is always good!