Bucket for summer!

Finished my bucket hat!


I am really struggling with the project. Will the full recording be available soon? Being able to review the entire program would be very helpful! Thanks.

Finished! Not perfect but fun to learn something new. May attempt some amigurumi.


So cute on you!

I like both!


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Looks great!

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Love it! Wear it in good health (and sunscreen)!


Here’s my striped (Silver + Pumpkin Creative Linen) toddler bucket hat in progress. I’m starting the brim now and hoping to get it to my little neighbor before she starts school (first timer!) next week.


Did you block your hat? And how?

Did you block your hat and how?

It’s done! :smiley:
Mods: I worked 14 of the 15 rounds of the Top, then 16 rounds of 1 sc into every stitch. For the brim I alternated increase rounds (divide the number of stitches by 6 to figure out where to place the increases) with all sc rounds for 10 rounds. I machine washed and dried the hat and pressed it with a hot iron once the hat was slightly damp.



Penny that hat is SO you!


So ive noticed a lot of the finished hats look more like cloches than bucket hats. How can i make mine with a true brim, not a rolled brim? (First time crocheter…i know nothing!)

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Finished my bucket hat. Loved crocheting with my fellow summer campers.


Hi there. I’m both a knitter (1st) and a crocheter (2nd) although I do both on a regular basis. I have another suggestion for joining the yarn, and this is usually what is recommended in crochet books or videos; you should be able to YouTube this for a clear video on how to do. You start the final stitch of the old color and instead of completing it with the old color, you pull up the loop in the new color and then pull through the top of the stitch below and thru the original loop on your hook. Basically you are completing the final stitch in 1/2 old and 1/2 new color. Then use the new for the next stitch. This does not make the last stitch old look like the new, it still looks like a full old stitch and you start the next stitch with the new color. Sorry about the long explanation. Best of luck


I am THIS close to finishing my bucket hat but I don’t understand the last directions. I crochet until 3 stitches from the marker……but I don’t understand after that. Should I just get there and do it and not overthink it? Do I need a tutorial? Can someone point me to one?THANK YOU for any help you can give me!!!

Never mind! I figured it out!!!

What a fun project!! I loved the camp and the hat is awfully cute. THANK YOU for doing the camp, which was great fun.

And I crocheted a hat!!! So cool!!


I am mega-late to the party, but had a blast watching the video. I have 9 rounds down and ready to continue! I am mostly a knitter, but occasionally crochet. I have to refresh my memory every time I crochet, so this has been a great project. A co-worker of mine found a cute pattern for crocheted sea-turtle coasters that she wants me to make for her. Love all the cute hat photos!