Rhinebeck 2022!! Going? Sweater? Questions?

'Twas the day after Labor Day,
and all through the land,
the yarn folks were gleeful,
'cause Rhinebeck’s at hand.

So, are you going? Are you making a sweater? Do you have any questions?

And if you’re not going, what are you doing to celebrate instead? I once had a private Rhinebeck at a yarn shop in Baltimore. We couldn’t go so we made our own.


I am knitting the Cider Mill sweater by Jen Geigley using Atlas yarn from MDK and I will be wearing it at Rhinebeck. This will be a family event - I am bringing my sister, daughter and grand daughter
and we are so looking forward to this! Any suggestions as to what we should see and do? Going to see the angora bunnies and our favorite vendors. Check out my progress on the Cider Mill project site on Ravelry.
Carol O


I love the Cider Mill sweater. And isn’t Atlas delicious? I’m doing the Old Friend sweater from Field Guide 20 but in stripes. Fourteen shades of Atlas is a really good time. The back is done and the front is well on its way (after a big mistake which turned out to be a quick fix) and I think I’m going to get this done with only one skein of 13 of the colors. I’m doing all the ribbing and the pocket in Truffle so that may take a bit more.

As to suggestions of what to do, I am a firm believer that you should try to do everything!!! But I do temper that with a hard and fast rule that if I Iike where I am, stay and enjoy it. There’s so much do at Rhinebeck but only so much time so go easy on yourself. Also, and I don’t know how long your ride is to get there but mine is about two hours so I always stop for a “bio-break” break before I get there. The las thing I want to do is have to go right to the ladies room when I arrive.

Post pictures!! I want to see your colors.

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This is what is left to knit on the front of my Rhinebeck sweater.

Or is it???

It seems that Merlot and Skyline have gone rogue! I know they were here but somehow, they seem to have run off. Or joined the circus. Or escaped. Or gone on Rumspringa. Regardless, if you happen to run into them anywhere, please tell them that all is forgiven and to come home. By Thursday at noon. If they don’t, there will be consequences.

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I’m going, for the first time in a few years! I’ve got a Birdsong sweater in purple and gold that I’m hoping it is cool enough to wear.


For anyone who was worried, Merlot and Skyline are safely home. I missed my noon deadline because I was at the office but when I got home a few minutes ago there they were. In a spot that I can assure you, I checked at least 20 times. But I said “no questions asked” and I meant it so they are happily snuggled in the basket with the rest of my colors.

But I’m keeping an eye on them. I still don’t quite trust them.


Skyline has run off again.

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Good morning!! Happy Rhinebeck Day!! It’s crack-of-dawn o’clock here in Yonkers and I’ve already put in a full days work finishing the seaming on my sweater.

I am on a somewhat strict schedule this morning and, so far, so good.

If you’re going to Rhinebeck, I’ll be the woman in the Old Friend Sweater that is basically a loving color card for Atlas. Stop and say hi!

If you’re not going, just remember that Rhinebeck is a state of mind. You can “do” Rhinebeck anywhere. Go find yourself some Apple Cider Donuts or, really, any donuts. Just write Apple Cider Donuts on the box with a Sharpie and, voila! Go to a yarn shop that’s not your regular yarn shop. Bring the donuts in with you but I don’t recommend cracking them open in the shop. You could just stand outside for 20 minutes eating the donuts and pretending you’re on line for something. Tell random people you like their sweater.

Whatever it is you choose to do today, I hope it’s wonderful.