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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1

This magnificent knitalong begins Feb. 1. Read all the details here. We’re so excited!


So. Excited. I really need to start getting up earlier to get more knitting in. Winging towards me: Blanket Fort (MC), Fossil, Pumpernickel, Thistle, and Postcard. :grinning: Squee! I’ve been DYING to try Shelter, and wishing for a new sweater. ET VOILA. Thanks for the fun knitalong, I can’t wait to see them all!


OH HOORAY. I’ve read all the posts about Banging out a Stopover and was envious that I (somehow) hadn’t found you all until after it was done. So, I’m in, for sure.

My yarn budget is pretty tight, so I won’t be using the B’klyn Tweed yarn, though I promise to try it when I can. Instead, I’ll do a little stash dive, see what I can pull together, and report on progress later. Meantime:

YAY. I need something just like this to keep me buoyed and hopeful.


I’ll be in and using Verdande in stash. Can’t wait. Planned this for Q1 anyway.

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Gosh I just posted this on regular site and saw email with Lounge. Some days are better than others!
I just can not get suggested gauge and size 37 is the smallest. It looks to be so much thicker and bulkier in pictures. I dread trying to knit in size 6 needles as I give up:(
Re: I have practiced swatching 4 different yarns-KnitPicks WOTA Tweed, Patons Classic Tweed, Plymouth Encore Tweed, and a small sample of Shelter. There is absolutely no way I can get gauge of 19sts x 28rows on size 8’s and even size 7’s. Part of the draw was the quicker size 8 needles.

I have the book and pattern and size 37 is the smallest so I can’t even go down in sizes to make it work:( Anyone else try yet?

Yarn is here! Fossil for the Main Color, and Almanac, Faded Quilt, Camper, and Blanket Fort for the CCs. Now if my print copy of the field guide would show up…Yes, I’ve downloaded the PDF, but I want the print! (And FYI for Ann and Kay - I emailed customer service about this earlier tonight.)

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@dddress-- I’m going to swatch in Loft tomorrow. I’m getting close to the correct gauge with Shelter, but not close enough.

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Tough when you get into that repeat swatch cycle.

I guess I look at it that the size of the needle isn’t really what gives me speed, it’s the gauge. The fewer the stitches per inch, the more quickly I move around the sweater. To me, it doesn’t matter what size needle it is.

Hope you find your way to join. I’m not a KAL-er but Stopover was fun!


I need a yarn substitution too and I know about the yarn sub website but I really would love some first-hand knowledge of someone who has used something else instead of shelter in a sweater (any sweater).

what about cascade 220? seems like it would be a good substitute but again, I’d love to hear about someone who used it instead of shelter in something

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@mamaurchin-- I’ve used Cascade 220 with Shelter in colorwork, and it paired nicely. For me, it tends to work up at a smaller gauge than Shelter, so I have to slow down a bit when using them together.

Patons Classic Worsted Tweed (I think that’s the name) and Cascade Eco + are both good subs, although Eco + tends to pill over time. (I “wash” it in hair conditioner every now and then to tame the fibers.)

Lark or Owl from Quince & Co. are just downright awesome.


I have not used Shelter but have knitted 1.75 sweaters with Highland, a worsted weight made by the mill that produces Shelter for Bklyn Tweed.

Highland is called a worsted by Harrisville but is more substantial (thicker but not heavier) than WOTA and Patons (haven’t used the others). Highland’s recommended gauge is about the same as Shelter (18 sts to 4 in with 5 to 7 needles). Also, it really does “bloom” when washed, and probably Shelter will too… So you may be trying to substitute worsteds that are less suitable because skinnier and with less body than Shelter.

You could try knitting it in whatever gauge works with those yarns you’ve tried but with that pattern and the yoke you could end up in deep waters very fast.


Having knit a number of sweaters that didn’t fit, I’m thrilled at the prospect of a KAL for Hadley.


This is probably asking too much but would there be a way to get a smaller size than 37 (the smallest)? I recall Mary Jane updated Stopover with extra sizes. I think more yarns would work if size range was larger. Shelter is on the $$$ end and other yarns might make it possible for more to participate. I’d use Encore Tweed if I could knit it at a size 33 or 34. Right now my gauge would make the 37 more like a 39. Just a thought.

I have some of Cascae 220 and again need a size 6 needle to get the 19sts by 28rows.
Gosh I must be a loose knitter although I am pretty lucky getting gauge. I’ve never had to go down two needles. I am fine knitting small accessories in 6 and below but an entire sweater for me will be done by August-heehehe!

I’ve used Cascade 220 as a sub for Shelter before and had good results. I’m a loose knitter and always going down in needle sizes! And the prices are a comfort–


We’re not going to be able to offer more than the seven sizes that the
pattern is written for, given that Field Guide No. 2 is complete at this
point. But we hope you’ll hang in there and find a yarn that works at the
specified gauge! Lots of ideas circulating already in this thread.

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So, being a college student and poor as dirt, is it okay if I take a pattern from a book I have (for a super plain sweater and add in some colorwork) and use some yarn I have in stash (probably not even getting gauge but eh) and still participate?
I’d love to do the KAL but seriously can’t afford the pattern book and new yarn for it …especially not $150 worth of yarn! :grimacing: I actually donated (a little more than) my craft budget this month already, so I don’t have any leeway to work with :cry:


FWIW, I’m a super loose knitter and usually have to go down at least 2 needle sizes, sometimes even more. Case in point, I’m currently knitting a pullover with light worsted yarn (Louet Gems Worsted) using a US2 to get 5 inches to the inch - CRAZY PANTS. Try a 6 - it might not be as bad as you think.


Thanks @lizn that is just the kind of info I was hoping for. I agree about Eco but I’ve never used the Patons, I’m going to look into that.