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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress

How’s it going? We’d love to see the progress you’re making on your Hadley. Pix, tricks, tips, and questions all welcome here.

I’m about ten inches into the body. Moving along – had a super busy day Thursday. I’m planning on getting a lot done today.

I might start the sleeves this weekend to be able to use the colors! #bangoutaHadley


All of my modified shaping is complete. I’ve updated my Ravelry notes with what I’ve done and what I plan to do.
Toby says wind another ball. eta - The tiny white flecks are snow!


Still plugging away on ribbing - the tubular cast on took some time. I’m following Kay’s admonition to “take it with you wherever you go.” Is there a prize for knitting while a horse nibbles your jacket?


If there’s not, there should be!


I’m making pretty good progress. I have just a couple of rows left of the first group of shaping.


I was hoping to get a picture of my sleeve this AM but we only had sun for about 5 minutes and the colors under my living room lamp come out strange. I have finished 2 of the colors in the sleeve chart and got the beginnings of the third. Wool of the Andes: MC - Cloud; A - Persimmon Heather; B - Spruce; C - Sapphire Heather; and looking forward to D - Cranberry. Not much accomplished last night - I went to sleep in my chair (I guess I thought my furbaby Pip needed company napping).


Ok I made my ribbing wider cause I like that. Considering minor shaping on side seams only to get stitch count I would. I’m pretty straight and I’m thinking don’t need to accentuate something that I don’t want to… thought? Help. First time with KAL. And new to sweaters


Love your helper - and your hat!


I am working with stash yarn - wonderful natural merino from the (now defunct) Juniper Moon CSA. It measures about the same wpi as Shelter, but I still had to go down to a 6 needle to get close to gauge. I did a swatch and loved it but decided at the last minute to switch my colors, So I started with a sleeve to be sure of both my colors and gauge. So far, so good.


But this knit is no Stopover! I really struggled with the rows with three colors. Any hints? How does everybody hold that third strand?


If there isn’t a prize for that, there should be! :smiley:

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There is unfortunately no trick for three colors. You will always be dropping a color. It will take a little longer to knit but think of it as time to unwind your colors. :wink:

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Well, this is that same sleeve now. Once I got to the ss I realized that my floats were much too tight. So glad I started with a sleeve, Learn by doing!


Good to know. … I might pause on the body before the color & do the same …

Turn your cuff inside out. It repositions the work so that you knit across the back needle and draw the strands around the outside, which is a larger circumference.


I’m ready to do the shaping for the bust and sides. I am concerned that it may not long enough. I’m really bad at envisioning how long this it will get.

Good grief, you people are fast! Silly job, getting in the way of knitting! I’m using Kay’s idea of a rolled hem followed by a few rows of ribbing. I’m through the 8 rows of stockinette for the rolled hem, and have finished 5 (of 8) rows of 2x2 ribbing. I’m using 4s and 6s, with 7s for the colorwork.


Starting with the sleeves and its color work.

Busy with boys’ basketball practices and games this weekend. Tomorrow we visit one of my nephews who flew in from California. He’s an engineer focused on safety at Disneyland where he is called an “Imagineteer”!!


I wanted to start on my sleeves because I didn’t swatch, but the color work is so close to the ribbing I thought the body would be a better gauge.


Great photo - there definitely should be a prize. Love your hat!