Bang Out a Sweater 2024: Crowberry Sweater

Join us in the epic knitalong of making an entire sweater in a month’s time. This is the place to share your colorways, progress, questions, and answers—we’re all in this together!

Read all about this year’s pattern, Hélène Magnússon’s Crowberry Sweater, found in Field Guide No. 26: Moss.

Info on the unusual, rare yarns used in Hélène’s design: Plotulopi and Love Story Einband. We have both yarns in stock here.

You want yarn options? We’ve got options. How to use Lettlopi for your Crowberry Sweater.

Want to learn all about the Crowberry Sweater and how to make a sweater? Sign up for Lorilee Beltman’s three-session deep dive, beginning Friday, March 1: Bang Out a Sweater Virtual Class.

Here’s where you’ll find corrections to the pattern: Corrections – Modern Daily Knitting
(Scroll all the way down the page to Field Guide No. 26: Moss.)


Planning to give this a shot. I need my knitting mojo back, and if I can finish this in a month, it might be the jumpstart I need. I loved all of Helene’s designs in the latest field guide, especially the Crowberry. I’m going to make the vest for some instant gratification. I’ve ordered Lettlopi in pink for the body and navy and ash grey for the yoke. Can’t wait to get started!


Hi there! Should we use the larger needle for gauge? Unless I’ve overlooked it, the pattern doesn’t specify. Thanks!

I have a test due April 5, if that gets done early, I’m in as I have ordered my yarn!

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This will be my first “Bang Out a Sweater”, but I’m excited. I ordered an extra skein of yarn just for gauge and used it all up last Sunday. I was concerned that my arthritic hands could not handle the larger needles, but my 3-1/2" Addi clicks handle quite well. I made swatches in US 9, 10, and 11 and have decided to go with the US 10. I’m using Lettlopi, and I love the way it looks. I went ahead and blocked the US 10 swatch and frogged the other two.


Just waiting for my yarn (Letlopi) to ship. Cant wait to start!


This will be my first knitted sweater. I am still debating on which colors to use. Too many beautiful options!


I love the Crowberry Sweater and am excited about the opportunity to use Plotulopi for the first time! I am planning on doing the vest, but with the four-color yoke from the sweater pattern, using some stashed Lettlopi in black for the berry bobbles.

Based on the colors of Plotulopi that my LYS has in stock, I will use Grey as my MC/body and Light Beige & Forest Green for the yoke, held together with a strand of white laceweight wool yarn. Will start swatching on Thursday when I pick up my yarn!


Please do use the larger needle for your gauge swatch!

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Will be knitting the Crowberry vest in colours pictured in the field guide. Hope to receive my yarn on the 29th. I can see this being a staple in my winter wardrobe. Using Lettlopi. Last Bang Out A Sweater I joined in on was for the DayTripper Cardigan. Love it.


The vest is on my radar too–it’s just not that much knitting! Loving the little cap sleeve situation on it too. Definitely don’t have a sweater like this in my collection.


Hi Gilligan! I just had my Daytripper on last weekend, kind of getting me in the mood for banging out a Crowberry. I love Lettlopi so much, especially when knit at this large gauge.


Gosh your swatch looks lovely!

• Bang Out A Sweater Month is nearly here!

I chose my colors the last few weeks with a minor tweak (make sure you check the corrections/errata for yarn quantities as they have changed a bit).

A-D: Winter Blue Heather + Hot Spring Blue

B-E: Light Forest Heather + Westfjord Green

C-F: Faded Denim Heather + Natural White

Also, at first I thought I may not knit the bobble berries, but now I’m thinking I may add them afterwards in a vivid pop of color.


I’m really excited! This will be my first Bang Out a Sweater, although I’ve made several sweaters from past Field Guides. For my colors, I am doing the same CCs as the sample vest, but I’m going with green for the MC. I’m loving the marled look of my swatch! I will decide later whether to do the sweater or the vest - either one would be awesome.


Ordered the e book and off to check stash. I have some of both in stash.


I am excited to start this, although sad to put down my botanica shawl on which Im finally flying along. Hoping my belatedly ordered yarn gets here but can certainly find something in the stash that will work in order to practice skills in the class. Have never banged a sweater out with a group and I’m looking forward to it!


This will be my second time banging out a sweater - last time was February 2019. I’m going with the Crowberry sweater version in Lettlopi. I love that yarn. I’ve been wearing my Afmaeli sweater every day this winter! Warm but lightweight. Waiting for my yarn - I’m substituting colors similar to the Field Guide version - but I have some Lettlopi so I can get started swatching (she says piously, although she almost never swatches).

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My first Bang Out Sweater! Very much looking forward to it. I have never used Lettlopi before , :slight_smile:


Got my notification today. My yarn is on its way! :smiley: