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Bang Out a Sweater 2020: Main Squeeze Cardigan

The glorious day has arrived! It’s time to Bang Out a Sweater, our knitalong in which we all crank out a whole, entire, complete sweater during the shortest month of the year. A sweater in 29 days? You bet!

This is the easiest Bang Out project ever: Jen Geigley’s smooshy, lovable Main Squeeze Cardigan featured in MDK Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy . It makes the most of fluffy, chunky Rowan Big Wool.

Share your progress as you work on your Main Squeeze Cardigan. If you have a question, we’ll all try to help each other.

Take the Plunge!

Order up the Main Squeeze Cardigan pattern here.

Pick out your Rowan Big Wool here. Or feel free to use whatever yarn you like. We will point out that we’re offering a sweet 10% off Rowan Big Wool when you use the coupon code MAINSQUEEZE at checkout.

We have size 11 and 13 double point needles here, and Addi Rocket size 11 and 13 circulars here.

Share your work on Instagram with the hashtags #bangoutamainsqueeze and #bangoutasweater2020.


I knit the whole thing only to have it be way too
Small. I knit guage swatch, measured and measured to choose the size I thought would fitI am stumped and sad. I tried it on as things progressed too


Quick question. When you get to the top of the sleeves, you put 4 underarm stitches on waste yarn. What about the other 34 stitches? Leave on DPNs? Does that mean I’ll need two sets of DPNs? It doesn’t say.


Oh no! I live in fear of the same outcome! Maybe I’ll go up a size. Anyone else have size experience? what are you going to do, jhwood31?

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Some deep thoughts happening this Friday morning. I bought the yarn for this sweater back in the Fall with hopes to cast on and have it ready for the winter - a cozy sweater to wear on the weekends while drinking coffee and knitting. But alas, a lot of “Look, Squirrel” moments and other projects casted on, so I didn’t get a chance to knit it. But of course, I am ready to now Bang Out a Sweater, 2020 Edition.

The original pattern is a longer length and I’m a bit concerned because I am 5’ 2’’. Various options that I keep toggling among -
Knitting the pattern as written
Knitting the pattern as written and shortening the body length maybe a few inches to account for my height, but still having a longer body
Knitting the pattern as written but dramatically shortening the body length, i.e., length from underarm to hem of maybe 12 inches.
Knitting the pullover modification.

I am leaning towards the much shorter cardigan version but then I wonder - should I go up a size so I have a bit more positive ease and maybe I can use one of those Jul closures. My concern with this is that it may fall off the shoulders. The shoulder fit on the original looks very neat and clean.

Any thoughts or comments to my Friday morning musings?


This is a great question. You’ll hold the 4 stitches for the underarm. My advice is that all of the other stitches can just be slid onto a circular needle of the same or smaller tip size for holding.
No need to buy another set of DPNS!


Great minds. I’m definitely knitting a shorter version, maybe 12 inches, yet to be determined.
Because of the raglan shaping, the shoulders will fit you - I’m considering working 2/3 - 3/4 as written then making the final few closer - again to be determined as I progress. (you know how I am) xo

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This is really disappointing! I wonder what went wrong - it sounds as if you took great precautions.
Did you block it out flat?

Bought, swatched and ready to get on the needles. I am pretty excited about this cardi as its delightful casual coziness suits me to a tee. I had the same question concerning the sleeve stitches that would be waiting to come back into play but the suggestion of putting them on circulars cleared that up nicely. And the idea of doing the sleeves first is a great one as doing them last really seems to dim the flame of my enthusiasm to get to the finishing line. Yahoo!


I guess it depends on how you like to wear your cardis. I’m an inch taller than you but like the longer lengths. Shorter lengths that cut me in half make me seem shorter and rounder so I like something that goes below the hip to kind of smooth the line, so to speak. You could use measurements from a favorite sweater and go from there.


OK, this challenage has been calling out to me and I love the sweater but as a resident of Los Angeles, I just do not need a wool sweater of this warmth. Has anyone tried this in a cotton or cotton-blend? I have searched Ravelry to no avail. I am not great at yarn substitution…so, yah. Perhaps I am thinking it will be warmer then it will be. Thoughts and comments greatly appreciated as the clock is ticking.

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I’m joining the KAL to try my very first cardigan! I’ve never knit a sweater before and this seems like a good one for me to try. But I could use some help picking a size as I’ve never had to think about ease before. My bust measurement is 46." I want it to be comfy and not tight, but not baggy. How do I decide? I’m leaning toward the size for 46-48 in bust, but would love your recommendations for how to think about this. How do you decide for yourself? Thanks!


Thank you! I completely understand re: smoothing the line. I will try on various sweaters and compare lengths.

I really want to make this sweater, but my measurements are much smaller than the smallest size of the pattern (my bust size is 32” vs 37”). With a finished size of 39” I’m afraid it would be way too big. My favorite chunky cardigan is 36” circumference, so about 4” of ease. Any advice or resources for sizing down a pattern?

I started the first and it is flying! I forgot How quickly bulky yarn knits up. This is going to be fun.


Sizing question/recommendation: I have a 39" bust. That’s right on the edge of smallest and next-to-smallest size (which is odd as I’m not a small person). Size up to the second-smallest, or even one more than that based on other comments?

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Hey knitters! I am trying to decide what size to cast on. I’ve swatched, and as long as I’m not measuring like an idiot (which could totally be a thing!) I am good to go there. My concern is ease and arm circumference.

I like most sweaters to have a smidge of give - and I’m a 40" bust - so I have the 41-43" size circled on the pattern, but now I’m second guessing myself. Anyone who has completed this squishy wonderful-ness in that 41-43" size and can help me out? Does the front cross over at all?

Can’t wait to get started on this! I’ve had the yarn and the pattern since the Field Guide came out!


Looking forward to casting on ! :slight_smile:

Mine was too small also, but I figured that out after knitting the sleeves to the body

So I frogged and rewound. Now ready to try again this time determining correct size for incorrect gauge😒. Don’t know when I’ll finish, between knitting for twin grandbabies due in May and caring for my terminal husband on home hospice


Don’t know if any locals are following here but 3 us us Bangers in the TriCites of East Tn are meeting at Hibbert Davis Coffee on Sat 2/1 at 9 am to get caffinated and started. all are welcome. Guess that makes us a gang of bangers… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: