Bang out a Daytripper - February 2022

Everybody’s favorite 28-day dash is back: our annual effort to knit an entire sweater during the shortest month of the year.

Bang Out a Sweater? You bet. And this year, the sweater is already a huge favorite. Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Daytripper Cardigan.

It is the star of Field Guide No. 17: Lopi.

Did you miss the KAL Kickoff Zoom party Feb 1st? Here is the recording to watch at your lesiure: Bang out a Daytripper 2-1-2022.mp4 on Vimeo

We also Zoomed on February 15th: Daytripper Zoom 21522 on Vimeo

Zoom party from February 22nd with MJM: Bang Out a Daytripper Steek Zoom-2-22-22.mp4 on Vimeo

How to Join In

It’s easy.

Get the pattern. Many of you already have Field Guide No. 17: Lopi , so you’re already halfway there. If you need the pattern, you’ll find it here, in print and ebook editions.

Get yarn. We suggest that you’ll want to get Léttlopi yarn for this sweater, given the way Mary Jane has designed the gauge to work on larger needles than typical. All yarns are welcome, as with all our knitalongs. But we think this pairing of pattern and yarn is ideal. Kay and I have both knit one of these babies; we’re back for more.

Want to see 117 color ideas? Ravelers have posted all kinds of combinations.

Want to get out your colored pencils? Jen Geigley’s blank Daytripper templates let you try out color combinations. Find the downloadable PDF links in this post from Kay.

Get a prize. We’ll randomly be doling out prizes to knitters who post their progress in the Lounge and on Instagram tagging pics #BangOutADaytripper.

Get ready! We’ll have a cast-on Zoom party on Tuesday, February 1. Sign up here to receive the Zoom link on the 1st. We are on PINS AND NEEDLES with anticipation, y’all. We can’t wait to do this with you.

Some information to help you get started:

If you are interested in adapting the pattern to be a pullover, we’d recommend checking out MJM’s Stopover Pullover here (Ravelry link)

Wondering about Lopi? Read our yarn expert, Jillian Moreno’s review here: Yarn Detective: Léttlopi Love - Modern Daily Knitting

Read some tips and tricks from Cristina’s Daytripper here: By the Bujo: Daytripper Cardigan - Modern Daily Knitting

Ann also has some tips for knitting: Daytripper: 4 Things I’ve Noticed - Modern Daily Knitting

And let’s not forget Kay who timed herself knitting one: Daytripper Cardigan: Timed Trial - Modern Daily Knitting and On the Clock: The Daytripper Cardigan - Modern Daily Knitting

Here are Ann’s tricks to the button band and steek: Daytripper Cardigan: Steek and Button Band Tips - Modern Daily Knitting

And here is Ann selecting her buttons and the finished cardigan: Daytripper Cardigan: Button Time! - Modern Daily Knitting

Check back regularly as we update this post with new links to tips and tricks! Happy Knitting!


I am so excited for this!! But I already have a question regarding the steek. I am curious about the difference between a felted steek and a non-felted one. I have never done one. I understand the difference in the processes, curious about the end result. Don’t want to be sorry with the way I choose to do it.

Which brings another question to mind. Is steeking like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Terrifying and exhilarating at the same time?


I too am very excited! I’ve wanted a colorwork cardi for ages and when this was announced I went and poked around in my stash and lo and behold: IT TURNS OUT I ALREADY HAVE ABOUT HALF THE YARN I NEED FROM MY TRIP TO ICELAND FOUR YEARS AGO.
I’d been waiting for the “perfect” project for it, so I think this is the universe telling me I need this sweater for my birthday (February 19th).


I’m in! I loved banging out Stopover. I think I’ve even got some bits of yarn left from it, enough for some of the tiny bits of colorwork.


I am in. Tried the Carbeth a fews years back but was a beginner knitter and my ambitions were larger than my skill set :flushed:. It didn’t end well…or at all. Still sitting in a pile of work in 'progress" :grin:

Looking forward and getting organized my friends!


Can we put the Destination pockets in the Daytripper?


I don’t see why not.

I am in! I did 2 of the pullovers last year and bought the yarn for this one. Plenty, ahem, in the stash if needed.

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Something to consider is that Destination is worked bottom up, and the Daytripper is worked top down.
You’ll hold the pocket lining stitches to be knit later.

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Still doable though?

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Oh, yes! Think about just where you want these pockets to be (side, front, high. low), and when you do, let me know. I’m here nearly every day. :smile:

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Will The Shop be getting in more stock of Lettlopi???

Can the day tripper easily be made into a pullover rather than a cardigan?
I’m not afraid of steeks, but given the colors I plan it may be that a pullover makes more sense.
Hello Brown Sheep Jack’s Plum leftovers.

Day Tripper is actually based on @MJMucklestone pullover Stopover.
I think that the central motif has become the steek stitches?

Looking forward to starting Daytripper next week and knitting with everyone! I have Lettlopi that I bought in Iceland several years ago. Can’t wait to have a cardigan in this lovely warm yarn. This will be my first steek!


I’m in! My yarn for this arrived today and my granddaughter and I spent some time over the weekend coloring variations of the motif. (Thank you Jen Geigley for the coloring sheets.)

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I’m in! My yarn arrived and I’m ready to swatch. Just need to decide what size to make. Debating between medium and large. I was sure to buy enough yarn.

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Hello Everyone! I’m so excited to join you all for my first Bang Out! I’ve followed everyone’s sweater progress for a couple of years but have been too intimidated to join in! I think my skills and confidence have caught up and I’M READY! Yarn is ordered and I can’t wait!!!


How do I sign up for the KAL so that I will get the Zoom information?

I am excited as well, have ordered yarn after spending a half day trying to decide what colors! Since I had a few balls already decided to get ahead of the game and swatch with what I had. To get the gauge I had to move up to a size 11. This seems like a large leap. Has anyone else encountered this when using this yarn?

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