Day tripper cardigan stitch count help

I’ve decided to do the large size. So i started with casting on 67 stitches and with 3 as the steek that leaves 64 for the pattern - so the yoke starts with a 4 stitch repeat that makes 16 pattern repeats. And then the yoke increases 8 stitches in each repeat - so 8 x 16 patterns is 128. And 128 + 64 = 192 - the pattern says i should be at 181 stitches and the next size up is supposed to be at 193 - welllllll I’m close to the 193 - I’m one off and that is the stitch at the end of the last pattern repeat - so that needs to be added to the pattern at the beginning of the yoke color chart - i missed doing this extra increase somewhere in order to get to the 193 - but somehow I’ve jumped sizes - can anyone help with this math?

Also i read ahead about cutting the steek and it says to sew up stitch 2 of the steek and then sew up row 5 of the steek and then cut between stitch 3 and 4 - again wellllllll we only have 3 steek stitches - I’m thinking she means to sew up along row 1 and row 3 and then cut along row 3 - or am i supposed to use the first and last rows of the pattern to count as the steek when sewing???

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Lynda