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day tripper cardigan

I need some help starting the pattern after shaping the back neck. I don’t know how to increase the stitches to 181. I’m new to this kind of knitting so would really appreciate the help.


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As you work the 25 rounds of the color chart you will increase on round 5, 9, 16 and 19 which will ultimately result in the 181 stitches.

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Dear nellknits,

Thanks so much for taking the time to educate me. This is my first Icelandic sweater and I’m a little nervous. I am assuming that at every 12 st. repeat I increase two stitches on rows 5,9,16 and 19. Also, my understanding from a previous helper in the Lounge is that I should ignore the black squares that signify “no stitich” in the pattern.



Hi Elizabeth, if you look on the graph of the color chart on page 42, you can see where to place the increases. The loopy looking symbol is for ‘make one left.’ Also called M1L. These increases happen on each occurrence of the pattern repeat. One thing I do is to make a larger copy of the pattern and mark up the page so I can see what I am doing better. It also helps me keep track. So I might make an arrow pointing to each increase row and circle :o: the increase stitches. Once you do this a couple of times it will be more understandable.
Another thing you might do is make a swatch of the pattern so you get the swing of it first. Save it so you can re use the yarn because you probably will need it!
Ps when you look at the chart and see where the increase symbols are, you will notice that they are always in the background color so that the actual ‘mountains’ pattern doesn’t get changed. Please keep asking questions!


Dear Martha,

Thanks so much for explaining how the pattern and increase all work. I definitely will make a swatch of the pattern I should then know how it proceeds. As I continue on you will probably hear more from me. Now that I have some good mentors I feel maybe the sweater is more than a possibility.



Always great advice here! One more thing to note on the chart on of 42. The dark grey boxes are not stitches yet, they represent the future stitches that eventually complete the 12 stitches of the repeat. It helps me to mark the repeats with stitch markers. You start with 4 stitches between markers working up to 12.

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Dear Sara,

I think I get the pattern now -every time I increase I use one of the No ST squares. I’m going to do a trial run and make sure I know what I’m doing.

Thanks for helping, this is not for the faint of heart!


Great - have faith you will get there!


I’ve worked on the pattern this afternoon and I was surprised that I figured it out. I found that I do have to be aware of keeping the right gauge through out the stranded knitting. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, I’m feeling more positive about my sweater project.


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Just finished this for a gift and can’t wait to knit one for myself. I had to shorten the yoke on this one, but otherwise I stuck to MJM’s pattern. !

Blocking and buttons to go…


I always knit the stranded part inside out it automatically makes it looser and psychologically reminds me to knit with a little more slack. I’m rooting for you!


Would you consider posting a photo of the inside so that we beginners can see what the floats look like? The sweater is so beautiful.

Sara, I’m also new to color work charts, I like your idea using stitch markers. On row 1 of the chart, it has 5 boxes of color A, so if you start with 4 stitches between markers do you ignore that #5? Thank you for the help! Susan

If I might interject, the last column of stitches on the left is beyond a heavier vertical line. This means they are not a part of the repeats. They are only used at the end of the round for symmetry,

Here’s the inside…I trapped floats after three stitches.


As Virginia states the bold white line ends the repeat. The last repeat has an extra stitch and that stitch is worked as noted between the bold white lines. Further, row 1 is actually the setup row from page 45, and completely worked in your main color. You work rows 2-25 in colorwork. Yes, all but the last repeat have 4 stitches between the markers, which has 5, sorry i forgot that on earlier post. The markers saved me a few times when I zoned out… makes it very easy to know when its time for bed!

Curious that the pattern calls for blocking prior to adding the button and button hole bands. Is that an “industry standard” or specific to this sweater?

Beautiful. You could wear it inside-out.