Liminal Sweater Help

Hi - Is anyone knotting the Liminal sweater? I can’t tell from the pattern if the raglan starts after the cast on row (it looks like it in the picture) or after the first 6 rows which seems to be what the pattern says. Also when to start color two - if the pattern is right the raglan markers are added in row 7 but that would also be the row to start color two so maybe the first color section is 7 rows ( all this refers to the pattern for the small sizes.) Any help would be appreciated!

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First of all, thank you for purchasing my pattern. I really appreciate the support!

Please begin the placement of the markers and the stripe sequence at the same time after completing the 6 round neckband.

LMK if you have any further questions, and Happy Knitting, Nell


thank you! It is how the pattern is written - I just wasn’t sure from the picture :slight_smile:

Hi Nell - Sorry one more question? I’m doing the 35 inch sweater. You have an asterisk saying for small sizes only knit one more round with an increase - where does that round occur? Is it after 16 rounds of the stripe raglan? I’m a somewhat beginning knitter so not very pattern savy:)

Thank you!


After completing the increase sequence, you’ll work one more increase -in the sleeve area only. There is a lot going on at the same time, LMK if you have any other questions.
Post a photo when you have one! Nell

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Thank you! I’m working on several things but will post a photo when I have one :slight_smile: