Savage Heart Cardigan

I am working on the Savage Heart Cardigan and have come to a road block. After finishing the sleeve increases, the directions say to use the backwards loop cast on and cast on 11 stitches for the first size. If I do this on the right side,I get a small loop between the newly cast on stitches and the beginning of the row. If I cast the stitches on at the end of the last row, would I then turn and start the new row with a knit, purl to marker, and continue on with the pattern?
Anyone remember what you did?

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Do the e-loop cast on, turn, then work the stitches.

Thanks, I did that and am now on to the second half. Someday I will learn to read a pattern on my own.


Actually, I need advice too. I’m new to the Lounge if not MDK.
I’m just finishing the Savage Heart Cardigan and it is wonderful. But I don’t get the 3 stitch I-chord instructions. It says, knit the 3 cast on, pick up 1 from edge, all good so far, then slip 5 stitches back to left needle. Where does the 5th stitch come from? I can’t find any errata associated with the pattern. I only have 4 stitches so am obviously just slipping 4 back.

What am I missing? Anyone?

If you look at the Carol Feller videos posted today, she has a clear tutorial for an icord bind off.

I think that is an error in the pattern. When I knit this, I slipped back 4 and it worked fine.

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Yep. That’s what I’m doing too and it seems to be ok. Must be an error. Just wanted to make sure that I’d somehow missed the erratum and it was supposed to include a YO.