Calligraphy Cardigan

I am working on the calligraphy cardigan yoke and am not sure what the instructions on rows 17 , 21 and 23 are telling me to do. The pattern says Rep Row 2. I am assuming that means repeat row 17 twice, row 21 twice and row 23 twice.

It means to knit the knits, purl the purls and work any YO tbl.
What that means is if the stitch appears smooth, knit it and if it appears to be a bump, purl it - and if it’s a yarn over, close the eyelet by knitting through the back loop.
You’re stacking the stitches to make stockinette or reverse stockinette columns.

It actually means to repeat “Row 2”. Not to do the same row twice. Hope that helps.

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Thank you!

Thank you. If we are to repeat row 2 then what do we do with instructions for rows 17 , 21 and 23 of the chart? That was why I was confused. The written instructions say to repeat row 2 but the chart indicates otherwise.

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So basically if I follow the chart I am fine.


Nell explains the instructions on the chart (sorry, just read the written ones). Both are true! Good luck.

17, 21 and 23 are all the same (directions) as row 2.
It does seem unusual that you are working a WS row in place of RS rows, but it is correct and does work. ~N


I am on to the increase row under the Shape the Back of the Neck section and a bit confused. Do I knit 7, M1L and knit to the end of the row, and then k14, M1L each of the subsequent 13 RS rows?
thank you

Good question. For your size and all on this row only - knit 7, M1L, then repeat [ k14, M1L ] 13 times, then knit to the end.

Oh wow. I never would have guessed that. Thank you for your help!

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Is it necessary to do a guage swatch for the button band? I read that your button band guage could impact the number of pick up stitches needed. If yes, should you swatch in the ribbed pattern? I am quite a ways away from knitting it, but want to be prepared. Thank you.

I don’t generally do that, but usually use a needle 2 sizes smaller than the body (gauge) needle and use a pick up ratio of 3 stitches to every 4 rows.


Thank you. I will do that.

I am ready for this row and currently have 253 stitches. I have calculated this out mathematically and don’t see how I will end up with 271 stitches. Every time I look at this I am 8 stitches short. Please advise and thank you!!

OMGosh. That is completely my mistake. If you do the increase: knit 7, M1L, then repeat [ k14, M1L ] 17 times, then knit to the end.

both the math and the spacing work out correctly. IDK why I was looking at the size XSmall.

I am so sorry to have caused this trouble for you.


Well…I haven’t done it yet…but I do end up with 263 stitches and not 271, right? Or am I still missing something? lol!

15 (k 14 + 1 M1L) x 17 = 255 + the K7 + M1L (8) = 263. If the 263 is right, I’m good. If it’s supposed to be 271…I guess I’ll need to do an additional M1L 8 more times to make the

  1. Sorry to be so technical…but this is my first sweater and I don’t know if this will mess me up later!

Thanks so much for the help!

Ann Brock

The way I looked at it is you have 253 and need to increase 18 to have 271, that is correct.
Also 14 sts x 17 = 238 plus 7 + 8 knits are 253
knit 7, M1L, then repeat [ k14, M1L ] 17 times, then knit to the end.

I think that what is throwing your equation is the unknown number to knit to the end. That is where the missing 8 stitches are.

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Ok thanks ! I knew the math worked out to 271 but I couldn’t make the stitches work! I think I have it!

I appreciate the reply and help so much ! This has been a great learning project and I’m determined to complete ! It has a few mistakes but nothing I can’t live with !

Thanks again !