Main Squeeze Cardigan

I think the final stitch count on the front bands is incorrect in the pattern. The directions call for 3 1-stitch increases, but the final count is not 3 more than the initial count. Am I missing something? BTW, it appears to be incorrect for all sizes.

Hi! I see what you’re saying. After the 3 one-stitch increases, the final stitch counts should be:

69 (71, 75, 77) (79, 81, 89) (91, 91, 95, 95)

(Unless I’m missing something!) :wink:

With the original stitch counts we give for the right/left/neck bands, (picking up approximately 2 sts in every 3 rows) the numbers may vary slightly but the goal is to end up with an even number of stitches in the beginning so the 1x1 rib works correctly. So the exact count is not essential, but a guideline.

Thanks for pointing this out!