Help after yoke

I have completed my collar and 25 rows of yoke . I am making size 2X . Cast on 75 - now have 17 repeats of 12 plus steek ( 204 + 6 stitches) . I am having a hard time follow next instructions , especially increase round (p45).

Can anyone help me interpret this ?


I’ll TRY to help! First, count and make sure you do have 205 sts. Knit 1 round with the MC. On the next round, K3 and slip the marker. Now, knit 7, do and increase. ###Knit 12 and do an increase, knit 12 and do an increase, knit 12 and do an increase, keep doing that (starting at the ##) until you have 6 sts left in the round before the marker for the steek. K those 6 sts. slip the marker. K3 and you’re back to the start of round marker. You should have 222 sts now. Now knit 4 rounds with no increases. Does that help at all? (Great colors by the way!)

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I believe that the extra stitch would be the very last of the round, the one that appears in the far left column on the chart. (Hopefully your count of actual stitches is 205.) It is there to balance the motif so that it is perfectly centered on the yoke. If you take a look at the front of your sweater, the motif on each side of the steek stitches should read the same if you compare going “outward” or around to the back from the steek. It’s confusing at first, but makes sense when you think of the motif as a whole on the sweater.

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Yes! Thank you so much - it’s my first sweater so it takes me a bit to understand the instructions .

Thank you - I actually understand !

Wow your first sweater?! You’re doing amazingly !!!

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