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Daytripper question

Hello! I’m knitting the Daytripper in a size L so I CO 67. I have 6 steek stitches which means I have 61 yoke stitches. I’m starting the colorwork section of the yoke

which uses a 4 stitch repeat but 61 is not evenly divisible by 4. What do I do with the single remaining stitch???

I have read and re-read the pattern and nowhere was I to decrease a stitch. Please help! Thanks!

The pattern is a multiple of four, with one extra stitch worked at the end, prior to the steek to balance the motif.
If you look at the chart, there is an outline with that final stitch all the way at the left, outside of the line.

Note there is also a yoke steek chart that you use on both side fronts, hence the six stitches. Once you cut it and I wrapped the steek stitches behind the ribbon, the pattern on the two sides match up.

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