Stitch count question- Daytripper

How many stitches are added in the first round of M1L’s? I started with 67 stitches in the cast on. 6 of them became the steek. 1 is the spare for “balance.” So I begin the pattern with 60 stitches. What should my stitch count at the end of the M1L row? I can’t get a consistent result . Thanks, Margie

There are 2 M1L’s per motif in the yoke pattern, or 30 M1L’s. You should have 97 stitches total (including steek stitches) after round 5 of the yoke. Each increase round adds another 30, giving you 187 including the steek stitches, which are not counted in the pattern. (Pattern says 181 at the end of the yoke.) Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. These stitch counts were exactly what I needed to see if I was on track and to manage to stay there!

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It would have been extremely helpful if this pattern included update stitch counts after each row that has the increases. The stitch count is only provided at the end of all the increases.

Also, I have found that it’s really helpful to look carefully at the yoke pattern as you knit it. You will see the pattern evolve and if your stitch counts (or anything else) is off, you will notice it in the yoke as you knit. It’s much easier to fix any mistakes as they occur, and you will definitely see the pattern.

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Thanks very much. I agree with you. The pattern of the yoke design is a good guide but not until you’ve gotten far enough to see it. And stitch counts help you figure out what’s “off” if anything is. It’s also helpful to understand the big picture- how 67 becomes 181!

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Thanks for this. I’m trying to find how 67 becomes 181. I am 14 stitches to few. I’m knitting an extra stitch just before the last steek stitches, but not an extra for each pattern repeat.

Each increase of 2 stitches per 15 motifs add 30 stitches,
Some knitters are using a marker between each motif to help track, if you do that between each marker will be

I also like a new count at each increase :smile:

Thank you so much for the stitch count. It finally makes sense because of my early error. On the neck edge, I only have 12 fleur de lis motifs on this project, but 15 lanterns motifs after row 9. (My other completed Daytripper has 14 fleur de the neck.) I could start over using your clear directions on the problem sweater, or I could increase 11 stitches on the plain round following the chart work. Then I would have the 170 + 11 = 181 after my recent frogging of the last increase row of the chart.
I want to start over!
Thanks again.

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