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OK, time for show & tell! When we started the GIftalong, I had in mind beautiful, growing piles of presents. Despite the best efforts of my mom to nick her gift ahead of time, my pile is growing. Creating this thread as a place to share photos and humble-brag or just brag-brag about our progress toward Gift Day.

xo Kay


So, this is maybe not on-theme, because most of these are sewn, but they were already piled up soooo; Top left to right: pillowcases, sewn by boyfriend for my family, napkins and fancy spice gift set for his parents, striped socks for my youngest brother (poor kid’s birthday is Jan5) and stocking for el boyfriendo, who is Jewish, but coming home for his first Christmas with the clan, so needs a stocking. Middle, left to right: Westie throw pillow, dachshund throw pillow, a second dachshund throw pillow. Bottom: mystery bag expertly hiding boyfriend’s gift, a throw pillow emblazoned with the classic Missy Elliot almost-word “NYACK” (this probably goes without saying, but that last one is an inside joke).


4 STARS ****

Awesome gift pile–and sewn gifts totally count. Detecting a theme with the throw pillows!

This is my pile of teacher gifts I finished a few weeks ago (ahead of schedule, woo!). I love the preschool my kids have been going to, and everyone working there is so sweet. I hope this makes up for the fact that I didn’t get them anything last year (oops)!

Apologies to everyone in my family… so far I’ve made them nothing! :slight_smile:


Starting slow, but speeding up! Second hat almost off the needles, thanks to The Crown.


Omygosh this reminds me of the year I made fingerless mitts for so many teachers. You are way ahead of where I was in November of that year! Beautiful pile.

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What is that beautiful stripy thing?

Church mouse Yarns “Bias Before & After Scarf” (sans beads). Made with one skein of Freia I think. Great travel/TV/school event project!

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Oh man I am obsessing over the Crown right now too! :slight_smile: Also beautiful knits! I love that big grey/green shawl or wrap on the bottom of the pile???

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Yes, it’s grey and green - love the fade/stripe between colors in the Freia.

I always make fingerless mitts for the elementary school teachers. This is my last year with an elementary aged kiddo (wah!!), I will have made 14 pairs in total!


Here’s my pile so far:
3x Modig vest (top left)
Strokkur pullover (top right)
Circlet crown & Beaded Waves cuff (bottom left)
Shoulder Cozy (bottom left under the crown & cuff)
Crux cowl & Zuzu’s Petals cowl (bottom centre with Crux on top)
Lazlo Slouch hat (bottom right)

Missing from photo because already sent:
Cherry on Top hat & Fornido shawlette

There are three more on needles and then three more that aren’t started.


I guess I was giftalonging before it was cool! I’ve been piling stuff in the closet since January.
5 Conversationalist hats
A pair of mittens
4 pairs of slippers (1 more pair to finish)
1 gradient shawl
1 Merging Ripples shawl
2 pairs of socks
One felted tote (with a fun polka dot lining!)
And not knit, but a bunch of fun zippered bags that will hold assorted gifts.

Lest I sound smug, I’m two-thirds of the way through an Afghan for my son. Bulky yarn, 10 needles. I think I can. I think I can…


WOWOWOWW this is an amazing pile.

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I think you can, I think you can!

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I am enjoying these pictures TREMENDOUSLY!


It is not smug to be proud of a gift pile this high. It is quite impressive. I am in awe. I bow to your superiority.

Now I must return to my own knitting so I will have at least a tiny pile under the tree this year.


I know, right? Something satisfying about such a visual representation of productivity and consideration. I feel the same when I see people making dozens of jars of jam or containers of spiced nuts. Industry!


That felted tote is DARLING!

Update: Thanks to a little 6-episode Gilmore Girls binge and a repeat of Big Bang Theory to weave in ends, the afghan is finished!
The pressure is off, so of course I’m thinking I should add to the gift pile. :roll_eyes: